A Complete Guide to Integrate your Site with Google Buzz

Google Buzz is a most recent way to start conversations about the things you find interesting. And it is quickly becoming an interesting and popular way to share content with your friends. So, why developers will stay away from this social media? Here I collect 7 impotent individual topics/posts that are enough to know the whole thing about the integration of Google Buzz with your site.

Google Buzz

1. Simplest Way To Add A Google Buzz Share Button

In this simple tutorial, you can able to teach you how to put together Google Buzz button which opens in same window and has a shut button too at top right hand side. This also picks the post excerpt automatically.

2. How to Make a Google Buzz Desktop App

In this post you will able see how you can create your own Buzz Application for Windows, Mac or Linux. Moreover, as an extra benefit, you can make use of this system with practically any web application out there.

3. 11 Fresh Google Buzz WordPress Plugins

Google Buzz is growing rapidly these times, and who ever don’t know the popularity of WordPress. So, it more of a necessity to have Buzz integrated to your WordPress blog theme right now for more interacting with your readers and fans. I hope these Google Buzz Plugins will help you integrate Google Buzz in your WordPress blog.

4. A jQuery Plugin for Google Buzz Widget

This is a jQuery widget for the brand new social network , Google Buzz – that you can embed anywhere to integrate your buzz stream into your page.

5. Addons for Firefox to Share with Google Buzz

Shareaholic is an ultimate add-on for the link sharing addict. With Google Buzz, this works with 100+ services including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and more. It makes sharing webpages faster and easier dramatically enhancing your sharing productivity!

6. Google Buzz Free Icons And PSD Files

For sharing update, photos, videos and more with your friends Google buzz is the best social product launched by Google. So if you want to go social with Google buzz you can use this wonderful Icons and PSD Files.

7. Also Check out How to Use Google Buzz Video

Here is a video that shows how to share any text, music, photo or video through Google Buzz.

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  1. Jay February 23, 2010 at 10:30 pm

    Hi Faisal, thanks for including Shareaholic!

    ps. Shareaholic is also available for Google Chrome, IE8, etc, in addition to Firefox.

  2. Aidan February 28, 2010 at 5:35 am

    Thanks for the resources. I shall start checking out Google Buzz then.

  3. Rakesh Solanki March 9, 2010 at 1:53 pm

    What can i say about this article? only one thing “awesome”.