5 Important Tips for Developing a Great Website

With more and more visitors exploring the internet every day, the amount of websites is naturally growing to support that number. With so much competition, it is not about simply existing in order to bring people in anymore. If you want your web page to be successful and look great at the same time, it is important to keep certain tips in mind.

5 Important Tips for Developing a Great Website

20 Useful WordPress Plugins for Contact Form

Contact Form is one of the most important part of any website. User loves to use contact form for contacting with site owner.

Around the web, there are lots of site which is powered by WordPress. Like every WordPress users, I like to use plugins for WordPress. For making a contact form in WordPress powered site there is no other best thing to use a plugin. Here you’ll find some spam free well secured WordPress plugins for contact form. Hope WordPress users will love to use these.

contact form

23 jQuery Fade in Fade out Effect

There are lots of people who really like to play with jQuery. But the number of persons is not fewer who want to stay away from coding. They like to get easy use of plugin. And jQuery plugins are one of the great things to use for them, because of its exclusive outcome. Moreover, sometime it is easy to customize without having programming knowledge.

Now come to the point about the main aim of my today’s post, here I gathered 23 really useful jQuery for fade in and fade out effect. These jQuery plugins will help you to make your web site special from the rest.

Fade in and Fade out Effect

A Complete Guide for Domain Portfolio Management

A good Domain name is always an asset for you. If you don’t use this, yet it can be a great thing for your earning. Only using a small creative mind on domain name, you can earn lots of dollar.

Domain Portfolio Live Example

By collecting useful, nice and small domain name you can rich your collection to sell to the dedicated buyers. And for join in this field you must need to create a unique website to show your domain names for sale. And your domain portfolio site will give you good exposure and potentially loyal customers. Now on the web you will see lots of domain portfolio sites, from where you can take inspiration for starting your site. Here I gather 15 rich and well-design domain portfolios for your encouragement.

Brand Bucket


Domain Portfolio Scripts

So, by visiting the above list, I think now you understand which type of portfolio you need. So you can hire a developer for your portfolio or can collect script from the web. In the following part of my article you will get some scripts on domain portfolio.

Domain Folio


Domain Parking

Now come to another point. It is a frequently ask question that, if anybody registered lots of domain for his/her portfolio then owners need to collect huge yearly renew fee, so how the owner will gather this? And there is no other best way than domain parking. Domain parking is a unique way to secure a domain. Generally, domain registrants, or sellers offer domain parking, besides, some domain parking companies also do it and there is virtually no charge involved with domain parking. See the following domain parking sites for more information or taking your service.



Domain News

At last, if you think that you really want to dive into the river of domaining world, then you must always need to touch with up-to-date news about domaining word. In this part of my article I have gathered 20 updated site of domain news, from where you can collect different idea, tips and information for your domain selling business.

Domain Bits