25 WordPress Theme Providers Worth Checking Out

WordPress comes pre-packaged with a rich feature-set, allowing webmasters to create web resources that can be adjusted to your liking. Furthermore, the flexibility of the WordPress platform enables developers to create any type of website – be it corporate sites, a personal blog, an e-commerce store, or any other standard website.

You can either choose to create custom designs for setting up your WordPress site or purchase a ready-made WordPress theme. However, out of these options the latter one seems a better choice in terms of cost and time. Creating a custom design cost roughly around $500 – $2,500+, while you can easily setup your WordPress site using a premium theme within $100 range.

Because of the rising popularity of the WordPress platform, many theme developers are emerging in the market. While this may seem a good news to you, as you get to choose from a wide variety of templates, but at the same time it can be challenging to find a professional theme out of inept alternatives.

So, if you’re uncertain about which company you can trust to obtain a great WordPress website design, then this post will prove a helpful guide for you. In this post, we’ll talk about the best 25 WordPress theme providers worth checking out.

1. WooThemes

With over 7 million downloads, WooThemes is arguably, one of the most popular and leading WordPress theme providers. In addition to themes, WooThemes offers a wide range of plugins and extensions to extend the functionality of a WordPress site. Most importantly, the WooCommerce plugin helps in transforming any WordPress site into an e-store. What’s more? Signing up with the WooThemes website will help you get access to free themes (and plugins).

No of Themes: 62 (out of which 8 themes are free to download)
Pricing Structure: The standard theme package starts from $39 and the developer package costs $139. Also, you can opt for WooThemes “All Themes Packages” available at $399.

2. Elegant Themes

The second best theme provider is Elegant Themes. In fact, it appears to be the most budget-friendly theme provider offering lifetime access to all of its themes for just $249. Elegant Themes has 282,273 users worldwide, and just like WooThemes, it also provides access to free themes.

No of Themes: 87
Pricing Structure: Personal Plan starts at $69 per year, Developers Plan starts at $89 per year and Lifetime Plan is available for $249.

3. RocketTheme

Next on our list is RocketTheme that offers a wide collection of WordPress premium and free to download themes. Each of the theme is designed keeping usability and customization in mind. The best part is that you can customize any theme, so as to make it virtually adaptable to any WordPress powered blog, portfolio site, etc. Signing up as members of this site will help you avail a discount of 25% on both WordPress themes, as well as, plugins.

No of Themes: 82
Pricing Structure: Basic Plan costs $44 for users with 3 months membership
Standard Plan costs $59 for users with 6 months membership

4. StudioPress

If you want to setup a WordPress site based on the popular Genesis Framework, then StudioPress is the right theme provider for you. It offers paid and free WordPress themes, however, you’ll have to buy the Genesis Framework (available for $59.95) to get access to child themes for free. You can even get one single theme along with the framework from $70 – $80.

No of Themes: 48+
Pricing: Membership Package called Pro-Plus is available at $349.95

5. Kopa Theme

In case, you’ve been searching for a multi-purpose WordPress theme provider, then Kopa Theme is worth a try. Store selling individual themes plus you may subscribe for theme club. Of course, you’ll save a lot by joining their club.

No of Themes: 23
Pricing: Themes available at $49 with support

6. AppThemes

AppThemes is the best theme provider if you want to create a WordPress site that work like web apps. From themes featuring jobs listing to a business directory site and so much more, AppThemes will help in making your dream of building an app-based WordPress theme come true.

No of Themes: 8
Pricing: Basic plan starts from $99

7. ThemeFuse

ThemeFuse help provide well-designed, stunning collection of WordPress themes. All of the themes are easy-to-customize and comes with premium customer support. If you’re looking for versatility, then ThemeFuse is the right destination for you. The theme provider offers a hosting plan along with the theme. You can even choose a domain name as well.

No of Themes: 30+
Pricing: You can purchase a single theme at $45 and will need to pay $69 /year for the hosting plan. Club membership is available at $195 /year.

8. Theme Furnace

Theme Furnace helps you access premium themes ideal to be used for business and personal websites. Apart from providing great themes, Theme Furnace promises to deliver rock-solid support too. The theme comes integrated with the WordPress theme customizer, feature unique design and code based on HTML/CSS standards.

No of Themes: 16
Pricing: Individual theme costs $49, and the Developer Club Membership is made available at $99 per year.

9. Organic Themes

The ninth theme provider on this list, Organic Themes, is also a well-known name with around 47,000 customers. It offers templates perfectly-suited for artists, bloggers and businesses.

No of Themes: 25
Pricing: Single themes costs $69 and the developer pack costs $249

10. Shape5

Apart from creating a wide variety of good-looking WordPress themes, Shape5 also helps provide several great Joomla themes. And it even offers some handy plugins as well. You can access all the themes for just $59, simply by signing up with the Shape5 site.

No of Themes: 61 (including two free themes)
Pricing: Membership plan costs $79.99

11. Templatic

Templatic is another widely recognized WordPress premium theme providers. It offers multi-functional and varied range of WordPress Themes. It is the right choice for site owners looking for a wide range of directory themes, real estate or classified sites, and e-store themes to name a few. The themes not only look professional, but also come loaded with exemplary features.

No of Themes: 60
Pricing: Membership plan costs $299 (providing access to all themes)

12. Designmodo

This theme provider offers stylish WordPress themes that will help you change the appearance of your site and make it more visually appealing. Although, it provides only 6 premium themes, but each of the theme is designed keeping the specific needs of developers and customers in mind. Each of the theme is available at different prices.

13. WPZoom

Are you searching for highly professional WordPress themes containing advanced features and fast support? Well, then look no further than WPZoom. From business themes to magazine themes to Portfolio themes and video themes, this theme provider can help you create versatile WordPress sites.

No of Themes: 54
Pricing: Individual theme costs $75

14. YOOtheme

Offering fully-responsive WordPress themes built using rock-solid framework, YOOtheme is another great theme provider worth considering. It keeps on running frequent updates on the themes, so as to fix bugs and optimize the theme. Moreover, the themes contain a rich feature-set which includes, pre-built styles, layouts, emu systems, etc.

No of Themes: 90+
Pricing: Club Membership plan costs $299 (providing access to all themes), whereas the basic plan costs around $49 (including 3 months membership).

15. Tesla Theme

Opting for the Tesla theme provider will get you access to beautiful and modern WordPress themes featuring clean design. In addition, the theme comes loaded with powerful features and excellent support.

No of Themes: 38
Pricing: Basic plan costs $38, and the developer plan costs $68/year. You can even choose the lifetime plan available for $345.

16. SimpleThemes

Just as the name intents, SimpleThemes, offers simple WordPress themes that are designed primarily for designers, developers and publishers. The themes are lightweight, and load quickly. Besides this, the theme come integrated with child theme capabilities, excellent customer support, theme options panel and much more.

No of Themes: 10
Pricing: Basic developer plan costs $49, and the main developer plan costs $99. There is a Plus membership plan available as well, for medium-size projects that costs $69.

17. Gabfire

Whether you want a business theme, a magazine-style theme, responsive or any other niche WordPress theme, Gabfire can address all such theme needs. This theme provider is an ideal choice for people who wish to build WordPress-based newspaper theme.

No of Themes: 23
Pricing: Each theme is available at $59

18. CSSIgniter

Choosing cssigniter will help you access elegant WordPress theme designs that are simple to customize and easy to setup. Furthermore, the themes are translation-ready and come with friendly support.

No of Themes: 61
Pricing: Single theme is available at $39, while all themes can be accessed by choosing the standard WordPress plan that costs $49/year. And, the developer plan costs $79/year.

19. Frogsthemes

Frogsthemes is one stop destination for DIY creators, looking for premium WordPress templates. The themes are hand-coded, come with one-click installation and consists of many other great features.

No of Themes: 20
Pricing: Personal and Developer plan costs $47/yr and $67/yr respectively. You can also choose Lifetime plan available for $167.

20. PremiumPress

Want to purchase a niche-market WordPress theme? Well, then PremiumPress may help you get exactly what you’ve been looking for. The themes can be customized easily, come with 24/7 support, and receive upgrades on a continuous basis.

No of Themes: 70+
Pricing: Membership plan costs $249

21. EngineThemes

EngineThemes provides sleek and modern WordPress themes – that are a perfect concoction of good design and assiduous app development. Each theme comes loaded with great features like front-end controls, translation support, support for mobile version, etc.

No of Themes: 11
Pricing: Basic plan starts from $199

22. Pixel Theme Studio

If you’re a startup and want to create a simple WordPress site, and searching for some budget-friendly themes, then Pixel Theme Studio might prove the perfect destination for you.

No of Themes: 11 (including 1 free to download theme)
Pricing: Membership plan costs $59

23. SplashingPixels

This theme provider is the best choice for WordPress users, seeking to purchase e-commerce themes. Signing up as a member with SplashingPixels will help you get free upgrades to your theme and several other benefits.

No of Themes: 3
Pricing: Individual theme costs $59

24. ScriptingLab

Scripting Lab offers WordPress themes ideal for designers interested in creating a domain portfolio website based on Bootstrap framework. The theme comes bundled with a host of features like Themes option panel, advanced paging navigation, PayPal payment option, and many more.

No of Themes: Single Theme
Pricing: Individual theme costs $50

25. CraftyThemes

Finally, the last on our list is the CraftyThemes theme provider, offering responsive WordPress themes featuring a clean and modern design and many other features.

No of Themes: 5
Pricing: Single theme costs $45


So, that’s it! Hopefully, going through this post will help you find the right theme provider for your project need.

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Samuel Dawson is a skilled professional in Designs2HTML– a leading PSD to WordPress Conversion service company. Samuel is responsible to design and develop various websites which are related to design conversion. He is a front end developer here.

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