40 Creative and Unique Single Page Website Design

Today’s one of the attention-grabbing trend is to showcase one’s work in a single page design. Although it is not effective for all types of web design but still as a new design trend, a lot of this kind of trends emerge. We encourage the mind’s eye of our visitors to create their own design in more creative and modern way because your website characterizes you and of course your brand.

So, in my today’s post, you’ll find some really-creative and unique inspirational single page web designs to inspire your design sense. And for getting more on this topic you can browse our previous post.

1. Komra

2. Baileyart Studio

3. Manjo Graphics on your Screen

4. Fatih Tanriverdi

5. Een Tip van Jip

6. Sage Medi

7. Redzgn

8. Twenty2 Designs

9. Mobily

10. Pline Studios

11. Darren Geraghty

12. Benlind

13. Vanity Claire

14. World Arcade

15. Antoniogioia

16. Bit Bots

17. Alessandro Cavallo

18. Morphix

19. One Up

20. Onotate

21. TapTap

22. Jai Panday

23. Creazione Siti Web

24. I am Jamie

25. Nic Brunson

26. Daniel Hellier

27. Creative Nuts

28. Andy Shaw

29. Zuls Design

30. Tommy King

31. Rotciv

32. BobWal

33. Search inside Video

34. Delarocque

35. Devouti

36. Kit Folio

37. Dale Harris

38. Paper Switch

39. Hot Dog Designs

40. Gray Label

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  1. usr128 September 28, 2010 at 8:44 am

    In overall they use the one page effectively, and they’re good design ! Great collection.

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  3. Jaquelyn December 7, 2010 at 5:12 am

    great sites, very inspirational, thanks so much 🙂