6 Cleaning Supplies You Need to Have a Spotless and Shiny Boat

There are multiple reasons why you would want to keep your boat as clean as possible. Not least of which is that you’re confined to a relatively small space and you want that experience to be a pleasant one. Moreover, your boat must endure assault from the elements as well as everything and anything that ends up on the deck.

To maintain your boat and ensure its longevity, you will need to clean it with specialized products for boats. Your boat isn’t a giant bathtub that you can scrub with a splash of bleach. In this article, we’re going to talk you through 6 boat cleaning supplies that you’ll need to keep your boat in top condition.

  1. Bilge Buster

The bilge pump is one of the most important parts of your boat. Unfortunately, it’s also prone to blocking with grease, sludge, and oil. Using a bilge cleaning concentrate will cut through the grease and help prevent sludge from building up in the first place.

You pour this product into the bilge pump and follow the product directions. After a short period, you will need to drain the pump. You may need to repeat the process several times depending on how much sludge you have. Sludge can also cause a very unpleasant smell on your boat, so this cleaning product will also help make your boat a more pleasant environment to be in.

  1. Love Your Toilet

The last thing you want on your boat is a foul-smelling toilet. You should use a toilet tank digester to support the needed chemical processes in your toilet so that waste is broken down and odors are reduced to a minimum.

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  1. Clean Easy With Hydrophobic Wax

As you probably guessed, a hydrophobic product repels water. That may seem strange when applying it to a boat, but ultimately what this means is that dirt, debris, and other undesirable elements absorbed within the water are also repelled. Use this type of product and you will keep your boat cleaner for longer.

  1. Hull of a Job

You cannot have a list of cleaning products for your boat without including some sort of hull cleaning product. This will remove the stubborn stains of fish blood, oil, water lines, and numerous other unsightly marks on the outer surface of your boat. It’s not hard to find the right products if you go to a reputable supplier in the industry.

  1. Pass the Vinegar

Vinegar is magical stuff. It’s cheap and very effective at cutting through grime and grease and killing all sorts of bacteria and germs.

It will also dissolve hard water deposits, and best of all, it is completely natural and non-toxic. You can even put it on your fish and chips!

  1. Love Lemons

Lemon juice is another excellent natural and non-toxic product. You can add this to your vinegar for an improved fragrance if you want to. Lemon can be used for cleaning wood surfaces and many countertops on your boat.

The acid properties of lemon will also cut through grease and stains on certain furnishings in your boat. Lemon is very versatile with multiple cleaning applications.

Are You on Board With Boat Cleaning Supplies?

In this article, we’ve talked you through 6 basic boat cleaning supplies that you can’t do without. Some of them are synthetic, and some of them are natural. This means you get the best of both worlds.

Make sure you’ve got these cleaning supplies on board your boat. They needn’t be expensive, and some of them can come from your regular weekly shop. Check out some of our other really helpful buying guides, like this one, on our site.

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