5 Tips To Choose The Best All Lives Matter Flag

The All Lives Matter flag rose to popularity in 2014 to oppose the massive Black Lives Matter movement. The whole movement of All Lives Matter is based on the idea that Black Lives Matter means Only Black Lives Matter, which created a severe backlash from different strata of the society.

Despite all the criticism, many supporters carry all lives matter flags to different protests and rallies. If you plan to buy this flag to support the movement, here are five tips that will help you find the best flag.

All Lives Matter flag

  1. Choose the suitable fabric

The fabric of the flags is an essential aspect of the flag that you should never overlook. The fabric determines the durability of the flag.

There are different types of fabric available for flags. Nylon is one of the popular choices mainly for the durability it offers. As it is a lightweight fabric, it can fly in lower winds. It is strong and can withstand natural elements like wind, rain, and sunlight for a more extended period.

One more durable fabric choice is polyester. Polyester flags are made with 2-ply spun-woven polyester fabric. The fabric offers brighter and non-fading colors. It also provides an open weave which improves its wind resistance, making it a perfect choice for high wind areas.

Many flags are also made with cotton material. Cotton is commonly used for making commemorative display flags. It offers vibrant and bright colors, so it is primarily used for indoor and porch flags.

  1. Know the Flag sizes

The All lives matter flags come in different sizes, but 3 X 5 feet is one of the most common sizes for the flag. These flags are primarily used for rallies and protests. That is why this size is perfect for carrying it around without much hassle. Some other standard flag sizes are:

  • 5′ X 8′
  • 6′ X 10′
  • 8′ X 12′
  • 10′ X 15′
  1. Verify if the text and colors are accurate

The all lives matter flag has a beautiful light bluish teal color with “All Lives Matter!” written in white. It also has a peace symbol printed in a dark teal color. The hashtag #stoptheviolence in small font size and white color in the button left corner. Make sure these details are correct before you buy the flag.

Many substandard flag sellers sell copy products which can be difficult to distinguish from the original ones. Though they try to copy the actual colors, it can be challenging to achieve the original color quality if the material is substandard.

  1. Check the Construction quality

Most flags are used for outdoor purposes, making them more prone to tearing. That is why it is essential to check the construction quality of the flag. Flags are mostly torn from the edges and seams, so ensure the flag has durable seams and strong stitching.

Also, due to regular use and exposure to natural elements, some flags may start to fray. To avoid your flag from fraying, choose a flag made from durable materials and double stitching at the edges.

  1. Verify the warranty

You don’t want your flag to get torn after a single-use. It would be a total waste of money. Remember to check if the seller or manufacturer provides a sufficient warranty on your flag. Many flag sellers offer a 365-day warranty on their flags.

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