How technology can improve the workings of your home

Whether you live in shared ownership in Berkshire, an apartment in East London or a cottage in the Cotswolds technology can make a significant difference to your home and your day to day lives. Whether for added security, simple convenience or entertainment value, the latest gadgets for your home are bringing our individual worlds into the digital age and changing the way we think about our space. So, update your interior with some technocratic accessories and see how you can benefit from a touch of technology.

Smart Security

We could always do with a little more piece of mind and with our homes being the center of our universes and holding all things we hold dearest, adding protection is always welcomed. Smart security is now a readily available addition to your home and from first-time buyers in London to family homes in Kent, you can have it easily installed at a low cost and in no time at all. By installing CCTV cameras and connecting them to your phone you can easily keep an eye on your front yard, back garden, and even the kids at the press of a button. You can also get cameras that are connected to your Amazon Alexa to connect your home to your security system seamlessly. Technology like connect your home to your security system can provide ultimate solutions to your home.

Heating your Home

The days of having to get up to turn up the thermostat are now over and with Nest’s thermostat connecting to your Google Home or Amazon Alexa, your voice is the only remote you need. Not only does it mean you can turn your heating up and down whether you’re at work, out shopping or on holiday but your smart thermostat also monitors movement and so if you go away and forget to click off the heating Nest will do it automatically for you after 48 hours.

Technology can improve the environment of homes

Doorbell Duty

We all know the trouble when someone comes to your door with a parcel and no ones to accept it. With Ring’s smart doorbell you can speak to whoever knocks at your door through a notification in the app and ensure your package doesn’t find its way back to the post office. It records a video of the person at your door so not only can you hear them and speak to them but you can see them too.

Better Bathroom Scales

If you’re on a weight loss or gain journey and your looking for something that gives you specific and accurate results then Nokia’s smart bathroom scales are your answer. Not only does it tell you your weight in your preferred measurements but it will also tell you how much of your weight is fat, muscle or water. It also connects to your phone so you can track your progress and keep a detailed record of your fitness over time. The scales will also tell you what the weather is like for the day and send you helpful tips via email about how you can achieve your goals.

Update your lighting

The lighting of your home can make a huge impact on the way you think and feel about your space. With our own bodies and minds governed by the changing light of the day and night, giving us the energy to face the day in the morning and sending us off to sleep in the evening. Now Philip’s has created a smart lighting system to have you waking up to the gentle light of the sunrise and fall asleep to a soft sunset in your bedroom. With a whole range of colors to choose from you can color your home in however you please with an endless variety of color combination to create. You can also turn them off from your phone if you’ve left them on as you’ve set off on your way to work.

Treat your garden

During the drier summer months, all our gardens could do with watering, but it’s not always easy to find the time to give the plants a good replenishing. With the Eve Aqua, you can set your plants to be watered automatically every few hours while monitoring the amount of water used. You can also connect the system to your smartphone or iPad ensuring you can give your plants a feed at any time of day whether you are home or away.

Technology can benefit us all and from security to watering the garden, a little help never goes unwelcomed. So bring your home into the 21st century and forget ever having to worry about leaving your lights on or keeping your house warm for when you get home.

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