Sergey Tokarev: Roosh moves to the metaverse to celebrate its birthday

Almost all businesses were forced to leave their offices and continue operating online due to the war in Ukraine. The IT industry has started to operate remotely and search for various ways to save the company and the working crew. Some employees came back after a while, but the majority have been working from where they are right now. It seemed difficult to collect the staff given the continuing danger to their lives. The Roosh company’s founder, Sergey Tokarev, offered an interactive approach to how the business handled a meeting in the metaverse.

Sergey Tokarev states that just 20% of the Roosh company’s personnel are based in Kyiv, with the other 80% being dispersed all over the world. Yet, the company still needs to hold meetings. The businessman then had the brilliant idea to have one of the important meetings on the platform PartySpace.

There are numerous opportunities to successfully run a meeting with PartySpace. It is a typical platform that may subsequently be modified and enhanced to make it more practical. It can easily be customized, one can add labels, slogans, or emblems to the walls or show parts of company reports. The Synchro Day event took place on the platform.

The team spent three hours on the event. Keeping attendees’ attention during the online meeting was a bit of a challenge for the organizers. It was crucial to conduct it and establish a genuine presence as it would be during a real gathering. For this reason, Sergey Tokarev stressed the value of rigorous preparation for the event. Each participant needed to have the fundamentals of using the metaverse explained to them. The PartySpace platform held speaker rehearsals the day before the event and issued guidelines to attendees.

This is the second time that Roosh, Tokarev’s business, has planned a meeting for its metaverse staff. The previous time a similar event was held in honor of Roosh’s birthday celebration. But Gather, another platform, was used to host it. Because of its interactive qualities, Sergey Tokarev chose it. This allowed the team “to build” a virtual ship. Roosh spent $100 on it. Tokarev noted that because the agency supports Ukraine and its businesses, it received a discount. Such a service will run you $12,000 in total.

Using the metaverse is not as difficult as it first appears. Within thirty minutes, you can learn how to do it. Mechanics, motion, interaction with objects, and other avatars are all natural features. The process of making an avatar on PartySpace is simple. It only requires uploading a picture. There is a specific avatar designer panel for various platforms.

All attendees of the event enjoyed communicating in the metaverse, to sum up. Although it cannot completely substitute a face-to-face meeting, given the current situation in Ukraine, it is a great alternative.

A Ukrainian IT company called Roosh focuses on projects using artificial intelligence and machine learning. In 2021, Sergey Tokarev established it. Now, Roosh includes the venture firm Pawa, the Roosh Ventures fund, the nonprofit platform AI HOME that fosters community, SET University, the well-known startup Reface, and other organizations.

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