Overview of the Crypto Futures Trading Mode on WhiteBIT

One of the biggest crypto trading platforms on the Internet is WhiteBIT. It is an official exchange operating under European jurisdiction and offering a high level of safety for all trading operations.

The exchange offers a wide range of tools such as futures, margin, p2p, spot, staking and many more financial instruments for generating income. Here we would like to talk about crypto futures – how they work and what opportunities WhiteBIT offers.

What is futures trading crypto? It is a tool that allows users to profit from both upward and downward market trends. The essence is “betting” on the future asset’s value by concluding a contract for selling/buying it on a pre-agreed day in the future. The timeframes between entering into a contract and exiting can be different. The asset’s value is specified in the agreement and cannot be changed.

The main idea is to predict the future value correctly. It is either going “long” or “short”, which means an obligation to sell crypto assets at a higher price in the future or buy coins at a lower rate.

Advantages of Using the WhiteBIT Crypto Futures Platform

Here are some benefits of futures on WhiteBIT:

  • the platform offers lower fees for futures trading compared with the spot market trading;
  • WhiteBIT provides crypto futures leverage up to 20X, that is, you can multiply your investments up to 20 times;
  • picking leverage you already understand how much you risk, so it is also risk hedging;
  • the platform offers a month of reduces fees for using leverage;
  • WhiteBIT prepares to launch more futures trading pairs;
  • the exchange possesses a considerable liquidity pool so that traders can enter a futures contract with larger amounts.

The WhiteBIT crypto futures platform plans to add ETH/USDT, ADA/USDT, SOL/USDT and other pairs shortly. To learn more about crypto futures, check out the WhiteBIT blog – the resource with guides and articles on trading crypto.

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