8 Tips for Improving Home Setups for Gamers

Your home can be the perfect place for playing video games if you have the right setup. Here are 8 tips for improving home setups for gamers.

It’s official: gamers are taking over America.

Close to 70% of the population play video games these days! According to the same source, that means 211 million people are gaming on one console or another all across the country.

You can’t blame them either. No matter who you are or where you’re from, gaming is fun, stimulating, and highly entertaining.

But it’s even better when you’ve got the perfect home setups for the task. Indeed, the right setup enhances the gaming experience like nothing else. Everything from your comfort to concentration levels gets a boost.

Want some help creating the best possible space to play video games? You’re in the right place! Keep reading for 8 key tips on improving your gaming setup at home.

  1. Have Sufficient Space

First thing’s first: your gaming setup has to be big enough for your needs! Small rooms can prove problematic for a whole host of reasons.

For example, they’re more likely to get hot, stuffy, and uncomfortable as the hours go by. It’ll be harder to invite your friends over for game nights. And, ultimately, it’ll be more difficult to fit your furniture and equipment inside.

Avoid those problems by finding a sizeable space to devote to gaming.

  1. Choose Gaming Chairs Wisely

As you know, avid gamers often spend hours at a time seated in front of their console!

They do it day in and day out, too. They’re sat down, staring at the screen, only stopping to grab some food or go to the bathroom.

That’s why it’s so pivotal to invest in a high-quality, ergonomic gaming chair. Those flimsy, generic, plastic varieties just won’t cut it! With so much time spent sitting down, you need something that’s going to provide the back support you need.

Don’t, and your body is going to suffer as the days, weeks, and months roll by. Make sure you have a padded, fully-adjustable gaming chair that’s as supportive as it is comfortable.

Improving Home Setups for Gamers

  1. Upgrade Your PC & Monitor

The quality of the gaming experience itself is only as good as the PC that’s powering it.

Bag yourself the best computer possible that falls within your budget! Everything from its processing power and cooling system to its graphics capabilities should factor into your decision.

Fancy switching to an Apple Mac instead? Expect a teething phase as you adjust to the new system. Even simple things, like the right click on Mac, could be different from what you’re used to gaming on.

Pro gaming monitors are sure to make a difference as well. The best home setups have monitors with enviable color accuracy, refresh rates, and response times. Just be prepared to pay for the privilege!

Don’t fancy a monitor?

Opt for a big TV or projector instead. Both alternatives have the obvious advantage of offering a much larger screen size! You can immerse yourself in the game without having to keep your eyes inches from the screen.

  1. Enhance the Sound System

There’s nothing worse than playing a video game with an awful sound system.

After all, those backing tracks and sound effects have been specifically formulated to enhance the game! You want to hear them in high-quality surround sound. Our advice?

Invest in some good speakers. They’ll improve the overall experience, pull you into the gameplay, and might even help you perform better too.

  1. Soundproof the Space

Those high-quality speakers may not go down too well with friends, family, and neighbors who want peace and quiet! That’s where soundproofing the room can prove useful.

Place foam on the walls, put a seal around the door, lay thick carpet on the floor, and so on. These kinds of steps should reduce noise levels and keep everybody happy.

Still too loud? Think about buying a set of gaming headphones as well. They’ll come in handy whenever total silence is required outside.

  1. Don’t Forget the Desk

Gaming desks are an oft-overlooked aspect of home setups. However, the right desk can make an almighty difference in terms of comfort and practicality.

You need one that’s:

  • Big enough for your gear,
  • Appropriate for the space you have available,
  • Height-adjustable to accommodate your size,
  • Got all the features and accessories you need, and
  • Has adequate storage if you need it.

Tick all of those boxes and you’re sure to feel the benefits.

  1. Install Mood Lighting

Few elements of your setup are more important than the lighting you use.

Having ambient lighting will set the mood, help you enter into the game, and boost concentration. Avoid bright white lights that strain your eyes and make the room feel too clinical. Low, warm, and colorful lighting usually works best.

Think about their location too though.

The last thing you want is to put them anywhere that’ll disturb game-play. Situate them behind your screen where possible in order to avoid pesky shadows and reflections.

Want to take this a step further? Install smart lights. You can sync these with your games to provide visual effects that match what’s happening on the screen!

  1. Install Storage Solutions

Most gamers find themselves amassing ever more gear, games, and equipment as time goes by.

That’s where having appropriate storage solutions in the room comes into play! With enough shelving, drawer-space, and storage boxes available, you stand a better chance of keeping the room neat and tidy. The happy result?

For one thing, it’ll be easier to find and store your expensive gizmos, games, and controllers. For another, it’ll create a cleaner, clearer, and stress-free atmosphere that’s conducive to performance.

Bonus Tip: Personalize Your Gaming Space

Now that you applied all the tips and you still feel like there’s something missing then you might need a touch of uniqueness to your man cave. If you have been a gamer for long enough and have grown attached to some games, it will be nice to have an item close by that reminds you of your favorite game. It can be a simple Mario Kart banana plush or a Pacman seat. You can even go hardcore by mounting your favorite MMORPG swords on the walls or embedding them on a realistic Styrofoam rock. You will be amazed at how you can relive your favorite game by adding in-game items, especially if you are far too busy in real life.

Remember These Tips for Improving Home Setups for Gamers

Gaming has exploded in popularity in recent years. Have you caught the bug too? Well, you’re sure to want the perfect space in which to indulge your new pastime.

The best home setups can make a serious difference to the overall gaming experience. Hopefully, the tips in this post will help you cultivate the perfect gaming space possible in your property!

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