How to Build the Ultimate Shooting Range Bag

Amateurs find it hard to go to the range by themselves, and they don’t have the slightest idea of what to carry to the range. There are those who carry only their firearm and don’t have ear protection and rent eye while paying a lot of money for ammunition and targets at the range. Others go as far as carrying too much gear, most of which are not important to use at the range.

If a range bag has all the important gear, it can make your experience interesting, more so if the range limits your shooting time. It can be stressful to waste your money and energy waiting in line only to discover you left a crucial item of gear at home.


If you want the best ammunition that you can use for various purposes, look for the American Eagle centerfire handgun. Having ammunition is extremely important, and you should include it in your range bag. Sadly, many people overlook the importance of ammunition.

The ammunition you want to use in the range should be reliable and affordable than self-defense ammo. It is advisable that you look for loads that will work well with your gun.

Range bag

A good range bag can accommodate every item to bring with you and those that you don’t. It is small and portable. A range bag is the first item you need to have. There are different types, styles, sizes in the market

Blackhawk Sportster deluxe is a great choice for a range bag. Interestingly, the bag features a pistol pouch and can handle two handguns. Furthermore, it also has STRIKE webbing, letting you attach accessories and pouches to the bag.

Some internal pockets will let you organize small stuff so that you can easily access them whenever you need them. The bag acts like a briefcase. Check backpackreviewed for range bag review and buying guide.

Maintenance tools

As an amateur, you will need to know a few things about hopes line of products. The brand is famously known for manufacturing high-quality air fresheners with an amazing smell. With that in mind, they also sell top-notch lubricant. Additionally, it is important to have lubricant in your range bag to ensure your guns always run smoothly.

Make sure you have the right cleaning kits for your equipment, from your gun to your case. Using the wrong tools and products can damage your gear or make them less efficient and accurate.

No matter how good you take care of your gun, it is always crucial to service them at the range. It is crucial to consider having a maintenance kit or complete field in your range bag.

Hearing protection

Ear protection is also among essential tools to add to your range bag. There are different styles, types, and sizes of hearing protection from basic plugs to earmuffs to advanced noise-canceling earmuffs.

In spite of your preference, you should always make sure that your range bag has a pair or two of foam earplugs. You can use them as a backup or led your friends in case they forget to carry their ear protection. Furthermore, consider doubling up with ear muffs and ear plugs for improved ear protection.

Apart from earplugs, passive ear muffs are ideal because they can slip on and off. They are adjustable and can also collapse to fit well in your range bag

Eye protection

Having eye protection is among essential pieces of gear you need to include in your range bag. Most shooting ranges are very strict and won’t let you shoot without eye protection. While many ranges will allow you to rent glass or loan you one, it is important to have your pair. With your glasses, you are confident of excellent safety benefits.

There is a host of eye protection available for sale on the market. However, ensure that the product you purchase meets OSHA requirements and standard. You should always wear real eye protection and not any other type of sunglasses that you have in your bag.

Spotting scope

If you want to shoot above 25 yards, you may want to confirm where the rounds are impacting on the target. At various shooting ranges, you will be forced to wait for other shooters to complete their session before you start inspecting your target.

There, you will have to consider a spotting scope to see when the shots land while you are standing at the firing line. There are different kinds of binoculars and spotting scopes on the market, which are perfect for amateurs.

Range shooting is an exciting activity, but you can only enjoy if you have all the above items in your range bag.

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