10 Benefits of Playing Ping Pong to Help You in School

Sports and recreation are really important for everyone to be a part of because it actually polishes those areas of our personality that can’t really be illuminated the other way. This very thing is kept in mind by every administration of a school as they come forward to give different ways that can help students learn different sports. One such thing that is offered in almost every school in almost every corner is Ping Pong or otherwise known as table tennis.

So we have tried to give a rundown on the top 10 benefits of playing ping pong to help you in school and these are definitely something to watch out for.

10. It moves different parts of brain

Since there is a lot that you need to do with the learning you brain needs to remain intact. The brain, in order to remain intact, needs to stimulate as much as it can and that is exactly what ping pong aims to provide.

9. Helps balancing

The ping pong helps you maintain balance and that is a very good thing because later you can join other sports and bring in more diversity to your athlete character in the lineup this actually attracts a lot of attention from other selectors and it opens new opportunities for you.

8. Improves eyes

Thanks to the quick way the game goes it provides more and more coordination among the eyes and the brain. Since you have to move a lot and that too quickly this can improve the eyes and also the vision just imagine sitting far away from the board and being able to read what the teacher is writing? Helpful right? It also helps us to read quickly from any text which might come in handy.

7. Avoids diseases

Being in a sport, especially a sport like ping pong can keep you healthy and up to your game all of the time and away from diseases as much as you fall sick you miss fewer classes and attend them all with more attention and this can enhance your student image and also your results in the exams. It’s all about the body getting the results the other way around. Ping pong is going to be there to help.

6. Helps You Make Friends

You are never going to be alone in the school to play this sport. Since its very famous there are multiple chances that you’re no longer going to be a forever alone or called an introvert. Playing ping pong is going to help you get more friends and those friends can be anyone. This is going to help you grow from within and feel happy about yourself. Your social image is also going to improve.

5. Keeps you smart

Now you’re in a school and the way you look might not count that much but look buffed and totally fit might add a lot of points to your image in front of the teachers or other staff members of the same organization. Playing ping pong makes you stay in shape and it also helps to remove calories that are unwanted. Not to mention all of the sportsmen or athletes of specific schools are famous and have a very good reputation.

4. It’s easy

Another very important thing that you’re going to find very good about this sport is that it is very easy on the body and also is easy to learn. It doesn’t require that much of an intense training. Only practice and practice and then you’re good to go. Another good part is that you can, with dedication move up in this sport and make a difference. This is going to open other very important doors for you in your career because playing a sport in the school often puts a good impression on your application when you go for the degree or higher studies.

3. Improves multitasking

When you are a student often there are times when you need to be in two places in order to satisfy the need. Multi-tasking is important and that is something that can be achieved by playing ping pong. In ping-pong where you have to take care of the speed and elevation and also the curvy angle of the ball and on the same time you have to respond such shot with your paddle in a way that the opponent can’t play easily, actually helps you learn about multiple things and search for their related terms online at the same time.

2. Enhances learning

As it develops mental acuity it makes you learn quickly. Playing ping pong is, in other words, going to open those areas of the brain that help you memorize as well. Since learning and memorizing is the basic aim of the school. As you play ping pong you’re going to get more opportunities to reinforce the basic skill set needed to be a good student.

1.Improves hand eye coordination

One way or another you would like to learn how you can write as much as you can without getting tired and also be able to double check what you’re writing as well? Since the game is designed and all of the rules are forged in a way that you develop a good hand to eye coordination, playing ping pong will help you write faster, read and write at the same time and also keep you very fast while doing so.

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