Sensible reasons why remote workers should be using a VPN

More people are working from home than ever before. Whether it’s due to personal preference or the global pandemic has meant your traditional office environment is a thing of the past, one thing is for certain – the way we work is changing. 

There are plenty of pros to working from home: it’s a more relaxed atmosphere, you can dress how you wish and there’s no morning rush hour to battle through. However, life as a remote worker isn’t always straightforward, and as the number of people working from home continues to rise, so does the unprecedented amount of personal and work-related data that is at risk. 

It’s for this reason alone that homeworkers across the globe are being encouraged to invest in a VPN. It’s the safest way to stop hackers from infiltrating unsecured connections and gaining access to your passwords and accounts. Check out this US IP address to get started. Here we’ll explore some other sensible reasons why remote workers should be using a VPN. 


You’re adhering to your company’s IT policy

Just because you’re working from home, it doesn’t mean that your company’s IT policy no longer applies. If anything, you should be taking it even more seriously. If you don’t currently have a VPN in place on your work-provided equipment, consider reaching out to your IT department for more advice. Remember – some IT policies prohibit the use of company property in public places and connecting to public Wi-Fi. If in doubt, ask!

Reduce the risk of a cyber attack

The idea of a data breach is a nightmare scenario for your company – it could put both employee and client data at risk. Having a VPN in place when you’re connected to your employer’s network means you can work safely in the knowledge that cybercriminals would have a hard time accessing passwords and infiltrating various layers of online security. Your employer should be providing you with a VPN, it’s not something you should have to pay for. Again, speak with your IT department for more information. 

Working collaboratively has never been safer

Maybe you’re a freelancer or you’re working with other colleagues on a specific project. Whether you’re swapping files via a shared cloud service or sending emails with files and specific data attachments, a VPN will help keep all these communications and shared areas safe from potential hackers and devastating data loss. This means you can access the files you need without worrying about a security breach.

And finally, accessing geo-blocked locations is easy

Are you someone who is conducting sensitive research for your role? Having unlimited access to all corners of the internet will certainly make your job easier. And with a VPN, you’ll get just that. Secure and unlimited access to websites that would otherwise be blocked to those in your country or region. Those who would normally travel overseas as part of their role can also benefit from this feature when travel restrictions are lifted once again.

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