iTop VPN: A Free and Easy to Use App

There are many VPN applications available on the internet, however, iTop VPN stands out. Before talking about the features and functions of iTop VPN, let’s first talk about what a VPN is.

What is VPN?

VPN, a Virtual Private Network or VPN keeps you anonymous and, in simpler terms, maintains your online privacy while keeping your Internet connection private from the public Internet. Plus, a VPN protects your surfing activity and your identity by creating secure encrypted connections. It provides a secure virtual tunnel that protects your IP address from your internet traffic so that snoopers, corporations, government agencies, and hackers cannot collect your personal information and online data such as your identity, browsing history, or activity. Now let’s talk about the features and functions of iTop VPN:

iTop VPN is a free VPN for Windows, iOS, and Android. We are introducing this app on the Windows system in this article.

iTop VPN

How does iTop VPN work?

When you browse the Internet using your public Internet connection, you provide a public IP address that is unsafe and protected from surveillance, corporations, government agencies and hackers, allowing you to track your Internet activity, data, and identity. Therefore, if you use a good VPN like iTop VPN, you will be connected to the Internet through one of their VPN servers. Instead of using your IP address, you then browse the Internet using the IP address of the connected VPN. For now, all your online activities, personal data and your identity while surfing the Internet are completely protected. As a result, all of your internet traffic is routed to a standard and secure launch setting, which allows you to access or view websites that you would normally not be able to access by your IP address.

iTop VPN offers online security

ITop VPN creates a secure virtual launch for all your data traffic on every connection. With this secure tunnel, iTop VPN gives you complete online security, when your data is transferred between your computer and the iTop VPN servers, then it is fully encrypted and encrypted, making it nearly impossible for spies, corporations, government agencies and hackers to stop reading your data. such as your online activities or your introduction. However, using another low-rated VPN will give you access to websites that you normally cannot access by your IP address, but these low-rated VPNs will never give you a VPN with online security. … Hackers and the government are more likely to give you free access to your browser activity or your personal data, so remove the low rated VPN and install a high rated iTop VPN.


iTop VPN offers anonymous online

When you connect to the iTop VPN server, all your data comes from the powerful iTop VPN server, not your computer. Your IP will switch to one of the iTop VPN servers, which can be shared by many other users. Spies, corporations, government agencies, and hackers cannot track or access your online activity or identity. Thus, ITop offers you the best anonymity.

Network solution

ITop VPN offers three modes, so you can choose the one you need to surf the Internet.

No registration policy

You don’t need to worry about watching someone on our team or recording what you are watching on the Internet. ITop VPN promises its users not to sell, track or store any data.

Unlimited bandwidth

Bandwidth restrictions are the number one reason you can download large files and stream your favorite shows. Luckily, iTop VPN can help you stream, surf the web, torrent and play online games without any bandwidth limitation. Plus, iTop VPN encrypts your online activities and other data so that no one can access or read your online account.

Kill switch

Also if you have a connection issue so your internet activity is not affected by activity or traffic.

Global connection

With just one click, you can connect your device to the iTop VPN server network that spans almost every country in the world.

Technical support 2 hours a day, on weekdays

ITop technicians are always on hand to help you solve any problems you may encounter.

In conclusion

iTop VPN, which is aimed to offer global users unlimited access but safe internet service. iTop VPN encrypts your Internet traffic with military-grade encryption and hides your IP address from hackers and trackers, protects your privacy and security. Just click the Connect button, we will connect you with the fastest and most stable servers automatically. We provide several global network servers for you to choose from.

With an iTop VPN account, you can connect to the free server for a fast & stable network and enjoy private access to any website from anywhere. Download and sign up for iTop VPN, enjoy this free VPN now!

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