4 things you need to ask your personal injury lawyer

It’s a sad fact that most of us don’t really associate with lawyers unless we need to or we’re in trouble. So, when the time comes for us to reach out to a lawyer, we may find ourselves struggling to understand the jargon or legal terms that they’re using. We may become tongue-tied, or worried that we’ll make ourselves look dumb by asking what might be considered a silly question.

Whether you need a business lawyer or a local personal injury attorney, failing to build a strong relationship with your lawyer could have damaging repercussions for your case. You may not understand what you’re agreeing to, or you may become confused at the situation.

The best solution is to start off on the right foot. Here you’ll find a series of questions you might find useful to ask your personal injury lawyer during your consultation. Remember, if you’re struggling to understand anything – ask! It’s what you’re paying them for!

Have you worked a case like mine before?

A lawyer with knowledge of all areas of the law is sometimes an unrealistic ask. When you have a personal injury case, you should look for an attorney who has experience in handling a case like yours. That way you know that they’re accustomed to dealing with that area of the law, and they should be up to date with the latest legislation and laws.

What kind of settlements have you won?

Of course, you want a lawyer with a strong winning record, however, you should also take notice of the settlements they have achieved for their clients. Ultimately, you want someone who is confident in pushing for a bigger and better result for you as a victim and not someone who’ll encourage you to take the first offer.

What do you think of my case?

There are of course personal injury cases where the blame clearly lies with the other party. However, not all cases are as black and white. Medical malpractice cases, in particular, can become very complicated. Despite this, your potential lawyer should be able to determine whether or not your case is worth perusing and – using their past experience – how much cases like yours could win.

Will I win?

The answer to this question will determine whether or not you can trust them. If the lawyer claims that you’ll win your case without question, then they’re essentially breaking the law. No lawyer can make such claims. If they do, find someone else!

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