What are the Common Causes for Car Accidents in Springfield?

According to the Law Enforcement Traffic System (LETS) reports, the total number of car crashes worldwide went down significantly in 2020. However, this could also be attributed to the pandemic, as it has forced people to stay indoors for longer periods, meaning the chances for road accidents were already low for the year.

But car accidents often occur and may lead to many severe consequences. Therefore, if you ever encounter a situation like this, you must immediately get in touch with a good Springfield Auto Accident Lawyer to get legal assistance.

common causes of car accidents in Springfield

These experienced professionals are your best bet to ensure you get fair compensation for the injuries you’ve sustained. There are also greater chances of you incurring the loss of property, personal injury, and mental trauma in an auto crash. The legal proceedings could take longer than expected unless you hire an experienced and professional attorney.

An accident can leave a long-term effect on the victim, both physically and mentally. You will need a qualified lawyer with expertise in car accidents representing you in a Court of law if you want to get the maximum compensation amount possible.

What are the possible reasons for a car accident in Springfield.?

As per the statistics collected by the LETS, the leading causes of car accidents are as follows:

  1. Intoxication: It is amongst the most common reasons why car accidents occur. In such cases, the intoxicated driver is pressed for DUI, and they will have to pay a huge penalty to get out of jail. Suppose you are the victim; the car accident attorney will try as much as possible to plead in front of the court authorities to get you maximum remuneration for the loss you’ve incurred.
  2. Speeding: Another reason why car accidents frequently occur in Springfield is speeding. Often, people don’t follow the rules and end up getting in trouble. Speeding violations carry penalties on their own, but if it is found that the accident happened due to speeding, the penalties may be more severe. Speeding also increases the risk of property damage and permanent injuries.
  3. Distractions or natural calamities: At times, drivers on the road may have been distracted by a flashy billboard, or some other object in their peripheral vision, leading them to lose concentration on the road, resulting in an accident.
  4. Cell phones: According to recent data, driving while talking on the phone and texting while driving was found to be the most common reasons for car accidents.
  5. Disregarding Rules: Small acts of infringement, such as not stopping at a stop sign or red light, or speeding through when the traffic lights are on yellow, can also cause accidents.

There are plenty of reasons why car accidents take place. However, the most common reasons reported in Springfield are the ones discussed above.

A good Springfield auto accident lawyer will guide you and take all necessary measures to collect enough evidence to strengthen your claim and ensure you receive the compensation amount that you are entitled to.

Just remember to hire a lawyer who specializes in auto accidents and doesn’t charge a fee unless and until you receive your compensation amount.

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