Can You File a Legal Claim After Severe Burn Injury Accident in Mount Vernon?

Data from the US fire administration indicate that the state of NY has the most significant number of fire-related deaths, with fatal injuries and deaths occurring each year due to burn injuries. Fortunately, Westchester County has a dedicated Regional Burn Centre located between NYC and the Canadian border that serves as a vital support center for burn victims in Mount Vernon and surrounding areas.

Since burn injury can result in severe losses, including extensive medical treatment, loss of earning capacity, and mental anguish, it’s essential to seek help from Mount Vernon Personal Injury Lawyers to recover the compensation you deserve.

Serious hand burn injury

Here’s what you should know after you sustain a burn injury due to someone else’s negligence or in a workplace accident in Mount Vernon:

Proving Negligence in a Burn Injury Claim

If your burn injury occurs due to another person’s wrongdoing or recklessness and occurs in a workplace with unsafe conditions, you can file a legal claim for compensation for your losses. However, determining liability can be challenging as you may not be sure who’s at fault and by how much.

Since NY is one of the 13 states that have a comparative fault law, each party involved in a personal injury has the opportunity to recover compensation. This means that even if you are 50% at fault, a New York court can reduce the number of damages according to your degree of fault. While this may be a tool that can be used against you, Mount Vernon’s personal injury lawyers can help you thoroughly investigate the merits of your case to determine the exact degree of fault.

Burn Injury Insurance Settlement

After establishing fault, you can file a legal claim against the negligent party’s insurance and collect all the requisite evidence. Once you file a claim, it will enter settlement negotiations before going to court. In this process, both sides can attempt to reach a resolution and negotiate for compensation for the full extent of damages.

While insurance adjusters try to minimize compensation, having experienced Mount Vernon personal injury lawyers by your side can strengthen your talks and push for fair compensation.

Most personal injury cases in Mount Vernon tend to settle before a formal court proceeding. Therefore, it’s critical to enlist legal representation to file an insurance claim after a burn injury.

Here are some factors to consider in your injury settlement negotiation:

  • The impact of burn injury, including permanent scarring and other setbacks
  • Physical limitations that hamper your earning capacity or enjoyment
  • Physical and Psychological pain
  • Expected and future medical costs

Approximately 10% of burn injuries in the US occur in the workplace and persist in being a leading cause of accidental death and injury. These injuries can often have severe consequences that make it necessary to file a legal claim to cover your damages. Thus, hire trusted Mount Vernon personal injury lawyers to defend your rights.

They will help you run a complete investigation to determine liability and file an insurance claim for the full extent of damages. Under the statute of limitations in NY, you have three years after the accident date to file a lawsuit. Hence take action immediately to maximize the chances of gaining a favorable outcome.

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