4 Common Types of Drug Crimes

Any crime related to drugs is a criminal case. Many laws exist because every state prohibits the sale, manufacture, and even possession of drugs such as heroin, cocaine, methamphetamine, and marijuana. The use of it is also a crime for a host of reasons. Criminal behavior, accidental injuries, and the loss of lives have been attributed to the use of drugs. So when you, or someone from the family, or a friend has been charged and connected to any illegal drug, it is best to hire a drug charge defense lawyer.

A lot of things can happen from the time of arrest and incarceration. But as a citizen, you are protected by many rights. Based on the Fifth Amendment, you can remain silent, have a right to a public trial, and be presumed innocent until proven guilty. So when you hire a drug charge defense lawyer, you need one who is a good listener and an excellent communicator. Your barrister must also empathize with your situation but give honest advice regarding the case. The attorney must also ensure that the charge is correct. Here are some of the most common types of drug crimes across the country listed for your reference.

Drug Possession

It will always be illegal to have any un-prescribed and prohibited drug. Regardless of state, all laws consider it a crime. If found with enough for single or two uses, police can charge you with simple possession of the drug. If law enforcement authorities find more on you, they may take it up a notch by charging you with drug possession with the intent to distribute.

drug crimes

Drug Trafficking

Local authorities are always on the sentinel for marijuana, cocaine, and heroin use and possession. Drug trafficking is a more severe offense than regular possession, especially if you already have a charge before the current one. Police will be inclined to believe that you are planning to sell narcotics, or are just starting to delve into it. The prison sentence can be from three years to life, depending on which state the charge was made.

Drug Paraphernalia

With drug paraphernalia, you are not just in possession of the heroin or marijuana itself. The authorities have also found equipment that is solely for drug use – rolling papers, syringes, bongs, or pipes, to name a few. Regardless of the label says it is for tobacco use, it is still against the law. So you can yet be charged on how the item looks or where they found you with the item.

Drug Dealing

Drug trafficking and dealing are terms often intermingled. But drug dealing has a harsher penalty because a person sells drugs on a slightly bigger scale. To put it mildly, you are just starting to be a dealer. The Drug Enforcement Administration sets the penalty for a hefty fine and five years or more for dealing with less than fifty grams of drugs. With an amount more than that, the sentence is upped to ten years to life.

Should you or someone you know have trouble with drugs, it is best to seek professional legal advice. When you hire a drug charge defense lawyer, they will be your best bet for court help.

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