Looking for a career change? A career in law could be perfect for you

Has the sudden lockdown and self-isolation got you thinking about a career change? Maybe you want to do something different with your life? Or perhaps you’re looking ahead to the future after you leave college. Whatever your current career circumstances might be, a growing number of graduates and those in other industries have been migrating to law.

Thanks to the media, the role of a lawyer is usually depicted in two ways: either sleazy, bad-mannered, and ruthless. Or sleek, highly polished, and uptight. Both of which couldn’t be further from the truth. A career in the legal industry presents you with many different roads and paths to take, but there are also many other reasons why a career in law could be perfect for you.

Read on to find out more.

You can support others

Believe it or not, lawyers are there to support you. We approach them in times of need, whether we’re facing criminal charges, seeking custody of our children or have been in an accident that wasn’t our fault – check out dandalaw for more information about personal injury cases. Being a lawyer puts you in a position to be there for others. And not just people, but even the environment and animals too – depending on the division of law that you choose.  As a lawyer you a voice that allows others to be heard.

There are so many options

As mentioned above, there are many different sectors of law that you could specify in. Ranging from family court and adoption processes to environmental law, criminal law, civil rights, immigration as well as real estate and entertainment law. And, you don’t have to stop there, many lawyers move into different areas of law because they want to make differences elsewhere and potentially earn more money.

It’s a challenge

For some, doing the same task over and over all day every day just isn’t enough. And they crave an intellectual challenge. As a lawyer, no two days are the same and your knowledge and logical skills will be constantly put to the test.

The earning potential is huge

Ok, so you won’t be earning a six-figure salary the moment you graduate from law school. But the potential to earn more will grow as your career develops and you get more experience. If the money is an important factor in choosing law as a career, then set your sights on a specific area or a firm that you might want to work for. Inner-city lawyers will potentially earn more than those in rural areas.

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