Are you being discriminated against at work? Recognize the signs here

No one should ever feel discriminated against because of their race, gender, age, religion, disability or sexual orientation. Sadly, some businesses still haven’t got the memo. Injustice in the workplace should never be entertained or tolerated and sometimes it takes an employee to stand up and fight for their employment rights.

However, it’s not always an easy fight and many employees who are discriminated against, worry about the impact on their careers or their current source of income if they were to speak out against injustice in the workplace. Knowing the signs of discrimination in the workplace can give you the confidence and evidence you need to make a complaint or take things further – you can call a whistleblower lawyer by clicking this link.

So, read on to find out more and to recognize the signs of workplace discrimination.

Degrading interactions

Sometimes discrimination in the workplace isn’t always obvious. It can be subtle in the form of jokes about your race, gender, disability, or religion. Of course, these kinds of “interactions” may not be deliberate, and the offense caused could be unintentional. However, if you speak up and find that you’re still the butt of jokes and degrading comments, even after further action from your supervisors, then you should consider taking your complaint further and taking notes on every interaction you have.

Discrimination could also be expressed in tone or the attitude of your superiors towards you. Are you often met with harsh tones or in a demeaning way? Don’t brush these feelings off, start putting together evidence.

discrimination at works

Your pay doesn’t add up

Employers don’t encourage employees to discuss their wages however you are within your rights to do so. Not discussing them, only benefits your employer! If you discover that someone who does the same job and has the same experience as you is being paid more, then you could be experiencing discrimination if that person is of a different gender, race, etc to you.

You’re the victim of assumptions

Does your manager assume you’ll struggle with the new software because of your age? Do they predict you can work better with people of your own race or religion? Or do they believe that your hair color or gender is a reflection of your intelligence? All these grievances and assumptions aren’t just irritating, they’re discrimination and should be treated as such.

You can’t excel in your career

You’ve put in the hours, you have the experience and the skills, you’re competent and hardworking, yet someone else without these qualities got the promotion. Sound familiar? Examining the structure of the business you work for could highlight a deep discrimination issue. Are high-flying, management roles only reserved for white males? Yet women and those with disabilities, different races or religions are left in lower-paid positions, despite experience and a wide range of applicable skills? This could be the proof you need – write down the details in a chart and make comparisons.

Final thoughts…

If you’re suspicious about discrimination in the workplace and many of these scenarios ring true then take down your findings and speak with a lawyer as soon as possible.

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