Space Saving Tips to Help Your Transition Your Wardrobe for Spring

As winter starts to come to a close, you might be looking ahead a bit to those warmer springtime months. While it might not yet be quite a time to pack away your coats and sweaters until next year, it is a good time to start clearing out and organizing the items that you won’t need again until next year. In doing so ahead of time, you can start to make space for the things that you will want to wear this spring.

However, it can be difficult to get your wardrobe spring-ready, especially if you don’t have a ton of space to work within your closet. Coats and sweaters are bulkier and take up quite a bit of real estate in your closet. This means that in order to make way for your spring-appropriate outfits, you might need to get creative.

Thankfully, there are plenty of space-saving tips that can help you to create more space for your springtime wardrobe, even if your closet is on the smaller side. Here are just a few that can help you get started.

Transition Your Wardrobe for Spring

Out with the Old

Before the warmer weather hits, it is a good idea to pull out and go through all of the clothes in your springtime wardrobe that you aren’t ever going to wear again. You might have a few items that you are hanging on to for some reason or another, but if you are being honest with yourself, then you know that you won’t actually get around to wearing them again.

Such items will only take up valuable space in your closet. This is space that you could be used for new clothes that you pick up at the beginning of the season. Instead of wasting your Old Navy coupon because you don’t think you have any more space for new clothes, donate those older pieces that you know you aren’t ever going to wear again and make space for the new clothes you love from shops like Old Navy.

Maximize Floor Space

When you walk into your closet, you might only see how overly-crowded the shelves and rods are. However, there is actually a fairly simple hack that you can use to free up much of that space. Invest in a set of clear plastic bins and use those to store your coats, sweaters, and scarves.

These bins should fit comfortably on the floor beneath your hanging clothes. Moreover, they won’t become an eye-sore as they will be mostly hidden from sight by your clothes that are hanging up.

There are other ways that you can maximize the floor space in your closet to give yourself more hanging space for your springtime wardrobe. You can install a shoe rack that will help clear up a lot of space or even bring in a small set of drawers. Even if it is only the size of a nightstand, having some extra drawers for things like those winter gloves and scarves can help free up much of the shelf space that you will want for your spring wardrobe.

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