The Pros & Cons of Marriage: Make an Informed Decision

Traditions supersede time and that’s the way it has always been, or so it seems; the 21st century has seen a surge in moving away from tradition, especially with regard to relationships. It wasn’t that long ago when divorce was seen as scandalous and single-parent families were shunned, yet here we are today with LBTQ liberation.

There are pros and cons to marriage, which we outline here.

pros and cons of marriage

Pros of marriage

  • Tax concessions – There are certain tax deductions that you enjoy when you are married, which can be considerable for high earning professions.
  • More likely to be promoted – Employers are looking for stability in lower management and being married with a young family will often tip the scales when a junior management position becomes available.
  • Better credit score – For some reason, lenders prefer young professionals to be legally married and if you and your partner are trying to get mortgage approval, being married might work in your favour. If you’re already thinking Central Coast wedding photography, it might be the best long-term solution, besides, would your family ever forgive you if you passed up the chance to get together?
  • Security for the kids – Generally speaking, children prefer it if their parents are married and there may be issues with surnames. Perhaps the number one reason why couples register their relationship is to give their children the family name and that is as good a reason as any.

Cons of marriage

  • Asset division – Unless there is a prenuptial agreement, the couple’s assets would be equally divided and that is not fair in many people’s eyes. If a couple live together in a de facto relationship, parting ways is that much easier.
  • Adds stress to the relationship – There are many instances when a couple live happily together for a few years and when they get married, problems arise. This might be due to the added pressure of responsibility that comes with marriage; the vows that you make at the altar can have a negative impact on a person. Talking of stress, here is a blog about hypnosis therapy, which you might find helpful.
  • Separation & divorce – In the event the relationship doesn’t stand the test of time, it does mean divorce and that will cost money. If you live together and things don’t work out, it is much easier to call it a day. It is no longer socially unacceptable to live with your partner, which is definitely a sign of the changing times.

It is very often the case that a couple choose to wed in respect of their parents’ wishes and this is totally understandable; we should all respect our parents and their values.

Arranging a wedding can be challenging and the Internet can put you in touch with suitable wedding venues and you can choose a themed package at an affordable cost. Here is some Australian government information about marriage registration.

Marriage is a long-standing tradition that many people follow and there are many benefits to tying the knot, which we outlined in this article.

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