Key Steps For Deep-Cleaning Your Home

Cleaning your home can have a profound impact on your mental health. Of course, many people hate this task, and starting it can feel like an insurmountable challenge. But the benefits of committing to an intensive cleaning session for your home are great. A decluttered and clean house will help you feel much happier living there and can help reduce feelings of depression and anxiety in some cases. As well as improving your overall mood, a deep clean can also have some good health benefits. A dirty and untidy home is much more likely to be harboring bacteria, mold, and other harmful things, decreasing air quality and increasing the chances of you picking up some sort of illness. Cleaning will help to eradicate these things, reducing your risk of getting sick. Here are some of the key steps you need to consider when planning a deep cleaning of your home.

Deep-Cleaning Your Home

Tidy Your Home First

The first logical step when cleaning your home is to tidy up. This is likely something you do regularly or semi-regularly, depending on how busy your schedule is. Many people will tidy up once or maybe twice a week, but this can vary from person to person depending on a few factors. Either way, attempting to clean an untidy house is not going to be an efficient task, and ultimately this is going to become frustrating very quickly. Spend some time properly tidying your home, putting everything away where it needs to go. Use this time to also go through cupboards and drawers, decluttering them and throwing away anything that you don’t need or want. Kitchen drawers, for example, become a refuge for things we don’t need, like old receipts and spare furniture parts that we hang onto “just in case.”

Prepare your cleaning tools

Another essential step in preparing for a deep cleaning session is to ensure you have all the necessary cleaning tools at your disposal. This includes using vinyl gloves to protect your hands from harsh cleaning chemicals and having a variety of cloths, sponges, and brushes on hand for different cleaning tasks. You’ll also need a reliable vacuum cleaner, mop, and cleaning solution suitable for the surfaces in your home. Gathering these tools before starting will make the cleaning process smoother and more efficient, allowing you to focus on getting your home as clean and healthy as possible. So, make sure you have everything you need before beginning your cleaning journey!

Clean From Top To Bottom

You’ll want to meticulously clean from top to bottom when you start cleaning. This is because everything you clean up high, such as dusting the tops of your kitchen cupboards, shelves, and worktops, will naturally knock debris to the ground. If you’d started by cleaning your floors, you’re going to be disappointed once they get dust and crumbs all over them. Once you have ensured that everything above the floor is clean, you can then move to vacuum up anything that has fallen to the ground. It’s also important to use a quality floor mop to break up dirt and grease and kill any bacteria. When it comes to cleaning your floors, you’ll want to use a powerful cleaning solution suitable for your particular floor materials.

Don’t Forget Corners And Crevices

When vacuuming and wiping surfaces, it’s tempting to skip over the harder-to-reach places and instead focus on getting the larger, more obvious spaces as clean as possible. After all, those are the only places people will notice, right? Actually, you’d be wrong. While your dusty window frames might not be noticed by yourself that easily, this is likely due to you seeing them every day. Guests notice more than you expect when they visit, so you’ll want to be meticulous in identifying these problem areas and giving them a lot of attention. The best way to do this is to spend time going around all the corners and edges of your room, dusting crevices, windowsills, and along skirting boards. Don’t forget to clean them properly with a good antibacterial spray, too.

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