Is a One-Off Professional House Clean Worth it?

It’s fair to say that many people don’t enjoy cleaning their homes. It’s a boring task, which during efforts to keep the house looking its best, can be found to be quite repetitive. People continually carry out these duties, but there are other options available to them. These days, it’s possible to choose a professional company to come in and do the job.

In fact, this is one sector that has seen steady growth over the last ten years. According to IBISWorld, the residential cleaning services market in the US is worth $1.2 billion. More and more people seem to be availing of the services provided by these cleaning companies. One of the most popular options on offer is a one-off house clean.

One-Off Professional House Clean

What is a one-off house clean?

A one-off cleaning of your home is different from an end-of-tenancy service. A complete one-off cleaning service is where you decide to call in the professionals to carry out a thorough clean. This could be annually, or more often.

It may be that you haven’t the time to deep clean your home, and you feel you need the help of professionals. Perhaps you plan to host a party in your house, and would like it to look its best. You may also consider hiring them after an event.

It’s a more intensive cleaning service that ensures all areas of the house are thoroughly treated. All rooms and common areas will be cleaned, and the service goes as far as cleaning all accessible surfaces. Floors, stairs, skirting boards, and windows will also be treated by these experienced professionals.

Is a one-off house clean worth carrying out?

While you like the idea of trying it yourself, the chances of completing it properly are not as realistic as you think. Aside from their experience and expertise in this specific area, professional cleaners will have access to specialized cleaning equipment and products that you don’t have or maybe expensive to buy.

Hiring professionals can guarantee an intensive deep clean of your house, the likes of which you may not be able to achieve alone. There are now many new interesting items on the market that make cleaning even easier. Businesses are using tech innovations to maintain their cleaning standards and you can take advantage of similar standards by using professionals.

What advantages do you get from hiring professionals for a one-off house clean?

The service of a one-off house clean offers benefits that can be attractive to potential customers. The fact it removes a task they might disdain can create a positive mood, no matter what the cost. The aspect of time gained also has to be taken into consideration.

People wish to spend their time in more enjoyable ways other than cleaning. In fact, if they are earning a good salary, they may decide it’s less hassle for them to let the professionals come in and do what they do best and pay for the service and avoid the headache.

Furniture and upholstery in your house will be cleaned with minimum fuss. Horrible jobs you may not wish to face, such as degreasing your oven, will be taken care of. Carpets in the home will get a full treatment, which will not only extend the life of your carpet but make your home healthier. Deep cleaning carpets can remove dust mites. According to the American Lung Association, dust mites can cause severe asthma attacks.

How often should you perform a one-off house clean?

This can depend on how regularly you are cleaning the house yourself. If you feel you are on top of things, you may not feel the need to call in the professionals to deep clean that often. However, people can choose to do it as often as they wish. 

Sometimes people decide to try it out first with the view of making it a more regular thing to keep their house shiny and clean, or it could be every few months to get a proper deep clean going. Also, people may have different reasons for wishing to avail of this service.

If you have had some water damage to your home you will need to restore it. Water damage to carpets can cause mold if not cleaned properly.

Besides homeowners, occupants of rental properties may want to use a cleaning service if they are heading towards the end of their tenancy, for example, to ensure the happiness of the landlord and avoid any issues.


The practice of people hiring professional cleaning companies to clean their homes is becoming more and more common. The idea of a one-off house clean appeals to residents, no matter what condition their house is in. Hiring professionals ensures you are happy with the final results, rather than struggling to try and do it yourself.

They will perform the task with the utmost care and diligence, leaving you completely satisfied. You won’t have to worry, and can spend your valuable time doing more productive things. You might feel the need to employ them regularly, or when some occasion or issue arises. However, the fact these services are prompt and readily available will put your mind at ease quickly.

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