How to Avoid the Most Common Solar Panel Installation Mistakes

Four percent of US homes are now powered by solar energy, a figure that experts expect to triple by 2030.

As well as being a sustainable home update, going solar is also a wise financial move – whether you’re looking to sell your property or save on your utility bills. That’s not to say that solar panel installation is without its pitfalls, though. Despite their good intentions, even smart homeowners make home solar system errors that could harm their investment.

common solar panel installation mistakes

Luckily, we’re here to explain how to avoid these common mistakes at all costs. Keep reading to learn more!

  1. Compare a Range of Solar Companies

They might be the cheapest, the most local, or the first solar providers you found online. But are they the best solar company for you? One of the biggest mistakes people make is thinking that all companies in the solar industry are equal. This couldn’t be further from the truth. While many have a good reputation, once you learn about Blue Raven Solar and its superior services, you’ll soon see why it pays to do your research and go for the best.

  1. Don’t Be Too Budget-Conscious

With so many different types of solar panels out there, it makes sense to have a budget in mind. But going for the cheapest possible solar panels is one of the biggest errors that homeowners make. In the short term, these low-cost solar panels may still reduce your utility bills. But, when you have to replace them a few years down the line, you’ll soon realize why it would have been better to be a little less budget-conscious.

  1. Avoid Excessive Spending 

Being too cheap is a mistake, but so is going overboard and splashing out on the biggest, most expensive panels around. You’re only looking to power your home, not the whole state! So, while you should trust your solar installer’s advice, make sure that the panels they’re installing aren’t better suited to a huge commercial building, rather than the regular residential solar panels you need.

  1. Take Your Roof’s Structure into Account

As any smart homeowner interested in solar panel installation should know, solar panels can add some serious weight to your roof – around five pounds per square foot to be exact. This makes it vital to ensure that the structural makeup of your roof can handle that kind of weight without needing extra reinforcements.

  1. Go Hybrid

Not having to depend on the utility grid is another benefit of switching to renewable energy sources like solar power. But, not if you go for simple grid-tied systems with no backup power like many homeowners did in the past.

Don’t make the same mistake. Instead, go for a hybrid solar system with battery backup. Although these solar systems connect to the utility grid, the solar batteries they include offering a backup source of power when the grid’s down.

Avoid These Solar Panel Installation Mistakes 

As these tips show, common solar panel installation mistakes can be all too easy to make.

But, now you know how to avoid them, you can look forward to a brighter, greener, and more economical future when you make the switch to solar power.

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