Debunking the Most Common Solar Energy Myths That Exist Today

About 4 percent of homes in America use solar power. By the end of this year, this number will increase to 13 percent. Why the rapid growth?

In their quest to cut energy costs, property owners have discovered that solar power is the better energy alternative. It’s not only cheaper to install, but it’s also easier to maintain.

Do you want to switch to solar power? There’s been a lot of misconceptions in the solar industry lately. Let’s debunk the most common solar energy myths that exist today.

Most common solar energy myths

It’s Complicated to Install Solar Power

Working with professional solar experts sets you up for an easy transition process. Most companies will provide you with in-depth information regarding the solar system installation process. They’ll also give you a full rundown on the duration till completion.

They go the extra mile to conduct property inspections and get the necessary permits before getting started.

Switching from Electricity to Solar is Expensive

Did you know that the cost of solar installation has dropped drastically in the last decade alone? What’s more, property owners advocate for solar energy use/installation in their leases.

Switching to solar has never been easier. Not only are the different types of solar panels more affordable now, but it’s also much easier to access the best solar company.

My Property’s Resale Value Will Drop if I Go Solar

Quite the contrary. Homes with ready solar panels often sell faster than those without. In fact, you can fetch more money for your solar-ready home.

Investors looking to buy a home are leaning more towards a home with a solar system because of the attached lower energy costs.

Solar Won’t Work When There’s No Sun

If you live in parts of the state where it’s more cloudy than sunny, you can still use solar power. Remember, solar panels harvest light not heat.

Even on the coldest, rainiest days, there’s a bit of sunlight. Solar panels transform this light into electricity which is then stored in battery storage.

You have plenty of power to last several days or weeks depending on your solar system’s capacity.

Solar Panels are Undependable

The solar system is designed to tough out the harshest weather and other external factors. In fact, most solar panels last well over 20 to 25 years.

Even better, the solar industry continues to improve over the years. Soon, solar power will take over as the most affordable, reliable, and sustainable energy solution in America.

Solar Installation is Expensive

Solar Installation does cost slightly higher than most property owners can afford to pay at a go. However, most companies are happy to work out a comfortable payment plan with you.

The government also offers tax incentives and rebates to ease the financial burden on anyone looking to install solar in their home. Note that solar panels demand very little maintenance costs. They are super durable and reliable.

Get your installation today and discover solar benefits for your home or business.

Solar Energy Myths Debunked: Now You Know

With limited knowledge about residential solar systems, you can be misled into believing common solar energy myths. The bottom line, solar power is fast gaining favor from investors and property owners. This, as the demand for cheaper housing and affordable energy increases.

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