4 Reasons to Upgrade Light Fittings At Home

When people think about home renovations, they usually don’t think about light fittings as a first option. That’s a shame as it could be one of the most cost-effective renovations you could make. Improved lighting could completely transform the way your house looks and feels. There are also tonnes of side benefits to switching light fittings that you may have not considered yet. Here are some of the reasons why you should consider upgrading your light fittings at home.

Have More Control Over The Lighting

If the lighting you have doesn’t allow you to adjust light levels or color, then now could be a great time to move to smart lights. Smart lighting could allow you to control the intensity, color, and warmth of any light bulb in the house straight from your smartphone.

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You can also set a timer on your lights and use lighting as a signal. You could flash the lights in your children’s room when you need to gather them or signal them when it’s time to sleep for instance. The best part is that smart lamps require no special installation. Just replace your current lamps with your new smart ones, install the app, and start playing around with your options.

Save Electricity

Switching light fittings can also be a way to save money on energy. If you still have incandescent lamps in your house, you should make the switch to LED lamps right now. Even if you like incandescent lamps for the vintage look and feel, you have suppliers like powerpointelectrics.co.uk that have vintage LED lights that can replicate the effect.

There is no point in having incandescent lights in this day and age. Incandescent lights are extremely inefficient and burn out fast. In comparison, LED lights to consume only a third of the energy and will literally last for decades depending on how they’re used. So do yourself and the environment a favor and make the switch right away.

Create A Focal Point

Light fittings can also be used to make a statement. A nice chandelier is always a winner in the kitchen and there are tonnes of models both modern and antique that you can try. Lighting can also be used to create a visual anchor around a bed. If a room feels dull and empty, adding one or multiple new light fittings could instantly upgrade it and serve as a foundation for the rest of its decor.

Increase Perceived Value

Another thing great light fittings will do is increase your home’s perceived value. Great lighting is one of the things that will impress visitors the most, either consciously or unconsciously. A nice statement piece will spark conversation and functional light can bring out a room’s best features. It’s also a very affordable renovation which could get you a great return on your investment.

As you can see, there are tonnes of reasons why upgrading your light fittings is a good idea. We suggest that you start looking around the rooms that need an upgrade the most and consider switching to better, more energy-efficient lighting today.

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