Why You Must Get Early Orthodontic Treatments for You and Your Child in North Vancouver

North Vancouver is the smallest of the municipalities but is known for its outstanding climate as it is located near the shores. Education is the prospective aspect of this place, with over 38 schools running in these beautiful districts. The educational diploma is significant as above 95.3% have a high school diploma (most of them in dental science and orthodontics). Besides, the unique orthodontic treatments are an essential aspect of this place.

Regarding oral health, timely treatment and the right approach are crucial. Early orthodontic treatment from an orthodontist North Vancouver is a comprehensive approach to alignment with the presence of baby teeth; they assist in pinpointing minute issues that can turn into serious emergencies. Interceptive treatments can benefit your child in the following ways:

Orthodontic treatments

Facilitates Early Identification

Identifying underlying issues early on becomes extremely important in terms of future costs. A small overbite problem today can turn into a significant malocclusion issue, which may cause critical surgeries in the future. Early orthodontic treatment will provide insights into the causes of dental-specific problems which can be prevented and corrected effectively. And since interceptive orthodontics revolves around a developing jaw structure, preventive steps will ensure the growth is in the right direction with early orthodontic treatment.

Improves Confidence

It is a reported fact that Canadians, in particular, struggle with issues concerning self-confidence, mainly attributed to their oral alignment. It’s natural to feel insecure about crooked teeth; children would associate negatively with their smiles if not managed in time. Braces allow a restored and balanced development conceivably as well. Thanks to science and technology, you can opt for dyed braces and arch wires that can hide them well. You and your child can smile away without hesitation, from invisible braces to standard metal archwires.

Prevents Tooth Decay

A recent population census In North Vancouver reports more than 37,000 citizens aged between 15 and 64 years. With about 7085 youngsters under 14 years of age, loss of teeth has become a significant issue. About 73% of the people under this umbrella experience overbite issues, demineralization of enamel, and tooth decay. An orthodontist in North Vancouver would not only ensure your braces are safe to use but also enable you to maintain them.

Reputable clinics in the city provide several payment plans and homely yet professional staff to make the patients feel comfortable and relaxed. Always go for the one that provides a free consultation first.

Improves Digestion

Chewing is better facilitated with straighter teeth. The mouth is the point of digestion initiation, where teeth are responsible for crushing food and saliva to digest the starch component. If they are crooked, it becomes difficult to grind them into digestible portions. This can have a drastic effect on digestion and can lead to digestive tract ailments.

Orthodontics is directly related to the efficiency of the digestion process in children. Braces optimize the orientation, which can promote healthy digestive and oral efficiency.

Overall Oral Development

Children grow their permanent teeth at seven and are eligible for braces check-ups. However, the benefits don’t stop at this age. Teeth and jawbones develop in this game, and orthodontists can make a more informed and evaluated decision regarding many braces options. The results of early interceptive treatments include, but are not limited to:

  • Prevention of oral issues in the years of adulthood
  • Periodic assessments of growth and development
  • Prevention of underbites, overbites, and crossbite issues
  • Avoiding crowded structure that hinders chewings and swallowing


The number of orthodontic problems keeps on increasing, but so are new developments in this aspect of dentistry. Since these problems have the potential to be prevented if it takes a drastic course, it is best to have an early appointment at the age of 7 when permanent teeth are present. They are incredibly advantageous and create space for new teeth to grow.

You can get these treatments for your children at an affordable cost and at an appropriate time without going through referrals.

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