What Should Your Car First Aid Kit Include?

Vehicle accidents cause thousands of deaths each year, with many others suffering from serious injuries. Whether you’re a passenger or you’re driving, there are essential items you need in your car in case of an accident.

The following is a guide on the car first aid kit items to keep in your vehicle in case of an emergency. Keep reading to learn what items to store in your car’s trunk.

Adhesive Bandages

They are an essential item when it comes to treating minor injuries, such as scrapes and cuts. The bandages should come in a variety of sizes to accommodate an array of wounds.

Be sure to include some knuckle bandages for larger cuts. Having the right supplies on hand and knowing the basic first aid from Cprcertificationnow.com, for example, will help you take care of someone quickly and easily.

Your Car First Aid Kit

Antibiotic Ointment

The antibiotic ointment helps with minor cuts and scrapes and can prevent and reduce the severity of infections. It is especially important to keep ointment in the car first aid kit items in case of roadside emergencies, as wounds can become easily infected in environments where they can be exposed to dirt and germs.

The ointment should come in a sealed container and be easy to administer. Keeping antibiotic ointment and other items necessary for cleaning and treating wounds in a car is important to ensure that any minor injuries can be quickly and safely treated, reducing the risk of a serious infection.

Antibacterial Wipes

When choosing items for your basic car first aid kit, antibacterial wipes are a great addition. These wipes are inexpensive, compact, and can help to reduce the risk of germs. They are especially useful when traveling since it comes in handy if someone gets injured in the car, as they are a safe and easy way to keep the wound clean.

Instant Cold Packs

Instant cold packs are activated when the sealed pouch is crushed, and the ingredients inside mix to create a cooling effect. They help reduce the headache, swelling, pain, and inflammation associated with a wide range of injuries. When kept in a car first aid kit, they remain viable for years and help reduce the amount of time it takes to treat injuries.

Digital Thermometer

With this device, you can quickly take the temperature of a person or pet inside the car without having to resort to a traditional mercury thermometer, which can be more time-consuming. A digital thermometer is useful for detecting a fever or other infectious illnesses, which is important for preventing the spread of illness.

Car First Aid Kit

Your car first aid kit should include a few items such as band-aids, healing ointments, antiseptic wipes, and latex gloves. Also having important information such as the nearest hospital, psychiatrist, or crisis line can also be helpful to have. Keeping these essential items in your car at all times can ensure safety and peace of mind. So why not start building your car first aid now?

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