How To Safely Get A Tan This Summer?

Skin tanning is an attractive cosmetic procedure, according to many people. The dark tan over the pale white skin gives an alluring tint and glow to the natural skin color. However, it can be very taxing to your body if certain safety protocols aren’t followed.

Tanning is a defensive response of your body. When you are under prolonged sun exposure, your skin cells produce melanin to protect themselves from the exposure. This melanin is responsible for giving you that bronze tint and glow.

Safely Get A Tan This Summer

You must take correct precautionary steps like using sunscreen with a high SPF amount while going out for a sun tan. Bronzer lotions can enrich the tan quality greatly; however, do not directly use indoor tanning lotion outside. Mixing two or three lotions is the way to go.

An SPF value of 30 or higher and no less is recommended by dermatologists when going outside in the sun.

6 Precautions You Must Take When Tanning Outside

When tanning outside, you are exposed to two types of UV rays, UVA and UVB. UVB rays are responsible for giving that dark tone to your skin. Whereas prolonged exposure to UVA damages your skin cells, causing burn, aging, and increasing the risk of cancer. To avoid these instances, be mindful of these simple points.

Never Use A Tanning Bed

Tanning beds use UVA rays for darkening your skin rather than UVB. UVB rays are beneficial because they are the source of Vitamin D in our body. Skipping UVB means skipping the actual beneficial part of a sun bath. UVA not only might burn your epidermis but is also responsible for melanoma.

Always Use A Sunscreen With High SPF

You are exposing yourself to harm if you go out without proper sunscreen. Sunscreens are vital and the only defensive shield against the harmful UVA spectrum. An SPF 30 shields almost 95% of the UVA spectrum, and an SPF 50 covers about 98%. Any less, and you are damaging your health.

Always Carry An Umbrella When Going Out For A Tan

Never forget to carry a sun shade like an umbrella with you. Your skin will need shade time as much as it needs sun time. You should be aware of your tan duration, i.e., the duration of sun exposure your skin needs to tan. After which, it is advisable to seek some shade by either using an umbrella or a nearby sun lounger to give your skin its much-needed break.

Go For Alternative Tanning Solutions If Possible

It is always safer to get a spray tan than a sun tan. In a spray tan, you are not exposed to any UV rays but rather bathed with a powerful spray of hot water. This minimizes the risk of skin damage and cancer.

Take Tanning Supplements For Faster Results

Supplements and sun-friendly foods speed up the tanning process and provide natural sun defense over sunscreens. Beta Carotene, abundant in vegetables like carrots, lettuces, and tomatoes, is very useful in speeding up the process and providing sun protection. If you decide to use a tanning lotion, use outdoor-specific lotion and avoid using indoor tanning lotion outside.

Choose Proper Time

Choosing the appropriate time for tanning is critical if trying to reduce skin damage and improve skin health. Always avoid the afternoon sun. During the time of 11 to 2, the sun’s rays are very aggressive. Substitute it for an early morning or evening exposure.


Tanning makes a person look attractive as it tends to make the skin radiant and glowing. However, if not cautious, it can easily become a fatal procedure. Being safe before is always better than regretting later. Take necessary precautions, and the sun becomes your best friend. Stay healthy and enjoy the summer.

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