How Accurate Is FitTrack Scale?

FitTrack is a smart body scale that measures not just your weight, but also several composition metrics of your body. This BMI scale is capable of monitoring 17 key health conditions that you can use to measure and examine. Bone and muscle mass, hydration levels, body fat percentages, and much more health conditions you can measure with your fingertips.

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Basically, this scale uses four metal electrodes that generate electrical signals to scan body conditions. The electric signal passes the flow of your body and measures all data with 97% accuracy. After scanning, it provides the information to its application through Bluetooth. The information it gives is less or more than 3% actual measurement that is comparable to the Dexa scan. Keep reading this article to find out more about FitTrack along with how much accurate information this device provides.

What Is a FitTrack Scale?

FitTrack Scale Review

FitTrack is a smart BMI scale that is connected with your smartphone with FitTrack mobile application. This scale helps to measure 17 essential health compositions. Health compositions refer to your body things like bones, organs as well as muscle mass. All of these elements are contributing to your body weight. This scale helps to monitor your body health along with bodyweight so you can keep an eye on your fitness changes.

Prominent Features of FitTrack Scale

There are a lot of features that you would wonder if you know these. Below we have discussed some of the key features of this excellent BMI scale.

Measure Several Health Conditions

FitTrack scale enables users to measure 16 health conditions including body fat, muscle mass, hydration, BMI, and many more. So you can easily decide what kind of food you will add or reduce. In this way, you can reach your goal to keep your good health.

Safe to Use

Most people think the electric signal that the scale generates can harm their health. According to Nerdknowbetter review, this scale uses bioelectric impedance analysis (BIA)  technology which is completely safe for health. Because this technology is evaluating the general health and body mass index for humans.

Accessible Health Data

FitTrack scale offers an application to monitor your health information. This application is available on the Google Play Store and Apple App Store. It helps to store your past health data that can be accessed easily later. In this way, you can compare your health condition with previous records.

Portable and Easy to Use

FitTrack is very lightweight that anyone can easily keep in their handbag. You can easily carry it anywhere if you travel to other places. Besides, it is very straightforward to use and can be used by anyone. With the help of the application, 8 people can create profiles to monitor their health.

How Does the FitTrack Scale Work?

FitTrack has four metal electrodes on the backside of the scale. When you stand on the device, these electrodes generate electric signals that pass your body into your feet. These signals pass quickly through the water but resist the fat tissue. This resistance is measured to calculate your body compositions. After collecting data from your body, the scale sends to its mobile application through Bluetooth. The application displays all the information with easy terms that can be understandable by anyone.

How Accurate the FitTrack

FitTrack uses BIA technology to measure health conditions. This technology is estimating body conditions like body fat and muscle mass by generating electrical signals. The signal passes the body through feet and measures all information with 97% accuracy. Besides, most of the research found that this technology is a more acceptable method for measuring body insights.

What Body Matrics Does the FitTrack Scale Measure?

FitTrack can measure 17 different health conditions that all are beneficial for better health. Below we have composed a list of these metrics that can be measured by this device.

  • Weight
  • Body Mass Index (BMI)
  • Body Fat Percentage (BFP)
  • Muscle Rate
  • Body Water
  • Bone Mass
  • Basal Metabolic Rate ( BMR)
  • Protein Rate
  • Metabolic Age
  • Visceral Fat Index
  • Subcutaneous Fat
  • Standard Weight
  • Weight Control
  • Fat Mass
  • Weight without Fat
  • Muscle Mass
  • Protein Mas

Things to Consider Before Using the FitTrack Scale

Before using the FitTrack scale make sure it meets the requirements that it can work properly. Below we have inserted a list of these things that should be followed before using this scale.

  • Place the scale on the level and hard surface so that it can take accurate measurements.
  • Always stand on the scale with covering 4 metal electrodes, so the electric signal can pass your body through your feet.
  • Make sure you stand on the scale without wearing any shocks and shoes, always try to stand with bare and dry feet.
  • Remember this device can not provide any medical treatment, but you can consult a doctor with its information.
  • Don’t use this device, if you have any underlying condition like pregnancy.

How to Use the FitTrack Scale?

How to use FitTrack Scale, FitTrack Scale Review

FitTrack is very easy to use, you just have to follow some steps properly. To assist you in this matter, below we have provided detailed guidelines on how you can use this scale.

  • First, unpack the scale and insert
  • Then, find a level surface to place this.
  • Download the application according to your smartphone.
  • After download, create an account and insert the required information.
  • Connect the application with your FitTrack device.
  • Now, stand on the scale with bare feet. It will take approximately 10 to 15 minutes to measure your health conditions.


FitTrack is an excellent device for monitoring your fitness regularly. By continuing to track your health condition, you can easily reach your fitness goal. Besides, you can decide what has to change about your food habits. In this way, you can keep a focus on your health which also remains motivated.

Basically, this scale uses metal electrodes to measure body composition. Electrodes generate electric signals to your body by using BIA technology. These signals pass your body and measure body conditions with 97% accuracy. Besides, it also uses X-Ray scanning methods to measure body composition for a better outcome.

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