Top 3 Healthiest Ways to Dry Your Hair

There are a number of devices such as electric hair dryer, microfiber combs and much more to dry up your wet hair. So, why do you need a natural and healthy way?

Well, there are reasons.

Not all hair types and scalps are a good fit to be under those electric devices. Due to weak and damage prone skull, many of us stay away from these. As a result, we end up with unhealthy, dry and messed up here.

In this article, I’ll be discussing a few natural ways to dry up your hair. As per we’re concerned about other electrical ways of doing it, we are sure that these methods would work best for them all.

So, let’s start.

Method 1 of 3: Let the Hair Air Dry

According to many of the hair experts, the best method to dry the natural hair is to let the air dry that up. If you’re in hurry, then going under the best-hooded hair dryer is okay. But if you have some time to take care of your hair, take a comb out, use a cocktail of moisturizer and let the air do rest of the job.

Method 2 of 3: Microfiber/Cotton T-Shirt Technique

One of the many popular tricks to dry your hair in a healthy way is to use a microfiber cloth(t-shirt) instead of a dryer. What you need to do is, selecting a microfiber cloth from your wardrobe, and soaking the water up every time you get your hair wet.

Make sure you maintain these two factors when you’re doing this-

  1. Make sure that you have a microfiber cloth that’s 100% cotton made.
  2. Each time you use a microfiber cloth, you have used conditioner to get the moisture of the cloth.

As the microfiber cloths will cause almost no friction between the cloth and the hair, your hair will be dried without even a single damage to the hair or the scalp.

Method 3 of 3: Gently Squeezing the Hair

This may sound old school, but trust me, this works.

When we do regular hair drying, one of our greatest mistakes is to rub back and forth our scalp. No matter whatever your hair type is, such a rubbing will always harm the hair and scalp.

What we recommend to do it. At first, wrap the whole hair in a cotton towel. Later on, when it comes to taking care of the hair layers, follow the direction of the cuticle. The best method is to gently squeeze and release the hair. For maximum effectiveness, always use the drier portion of the towel. Use more than one towel if necessary.

A Few Tips for Healthy Hair Drying

For people who’re interested in drying their hair in a natural way, here are a few more tips on my side-

  1. If you have a long hair then average, wrap the hair up and gently squeeze and release it before you use any of the recommended methods.
  2. Based on the length and type of hair, the cloth type can vary a lot. If you’re up to microfiber towel or cotton towels, I recommend you to buy one from auto stores.

Never let the hair dry completely. Just leave it when it has some moistures left on it. The air will do the rest for you.

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