How To Get Fit In A Month

Getting fit and fab in a month doesn’t come easy. Yes, we all are busy with the monotony of routine but that doesn’t mean that we set our priorities aside. You don’t need to go the local gym and sweat it out 3 hours a day to stay fit and healthy. Many people have the notion that getting fit means some outdoorsy time like hitting the gym and doing some cardio outside. Well, guess what? You too can get fit and you can do that within the confines of your home without the need to step out anywhere. In this post, we look at some of the methods as to how you can go from fat to fit within a span of a month.

1. Losing Calories

Losing calories is one of the main prerequisites to surging towards your fitness goals. The general rule of thumb is that you consume less than what you are burning daily in a workout. Many first-timers and amateurs make the grave mistake of making abrupt changes to their eating habits which is kind of impossible for a person just starting out. Staving off your regular fix of sugar and carbs can be an extremely difficult task and may even come up with unwanted side effects in the form of jitters, headaches etc. Instead of making sudden abrupt changes to your diet, start the process slowly by having a salad with your sandwich instead of the normal chips, avoid having snacks from outside and stick to packing your own lunch or snacks. Also, avoid heavy calories like soda and alcohol if you are looking to lose weight. Small changes such as these can have a significant impact on your body. By cutting a daily of 500 calories, you are effectively bound to lose a pound within a month. Three cheers for that eh?

2. The Big 4 Compound Exercises

Seeking to lose weight in a month, are we? Well, how about sticking to the basics namely pull-ups, push-ups, lunges, and squats. One may ask, why these exercises? The answer is quite simple. These 4 compound exercises can practically be modified for any fitness levels and you can do them from the comfort of your own home without the need to go to a gym. You can make use of additional weight like barbells and dumbbells in the mix.  There are only two words of caution during such exercises namely the “Form” and “Fatigue”. If you fail to do a compound exercise perfectly, you risk getting yourself injured.

•    Pull-ups

Pull-ups are the most basic of exercises. If you can master a pull-up, it simply means that you can do. It’s recommended to start with modified pull-up and working your way to band assisted pull-ups, jumping pull-up and negative pull-ups. Make sure you’re perfect your way correctly like getting your chest all the way up to the bar with bent elbows and shoulder blades together.

•    Push-ups

Just like pull-ups, push-ups can be modified in a number of ways like elevated push-ups, wall push-ups, knee push-ups and push-up negative. Same as pull-ups make sure that you are moving through a full range of motions like lowering the chest too close to the ground with a tight core and hips in line with shoulders.

•    Lunges

Lunges are one of the most effective exercises that work the major muscle groups like quads, hamstrings, glutes etc. Lunges, however, require balance and coordination. People looking to start this experience can start with basics like walking lunges, dumbbell lunges, lunge variations and weighted barbell lunges. Please note that your leading knee ought to stay behind the front toe.

•    Squats

Squats look easy but are rarely easy to do so. Master the proper form of doing squats before you start anything. Goblet and chair squats are a great version to start with in order to make sure that you are keeping your hips back and keeping weight on your heels. Once you are able to do normal squats, then you can start by adding weights to your squats and performing back and front squats.

3. Cardiovascular exercises

Cardiovascular exercises should be an important aspect of your fitness routine. Try and incorporate a mix of such exercises like aerobics, bicycling or jogging. Stick with a different routine every day to avoid monotony and boredom. You can also try Yoga for added benefits. For best results, the duration of cardiovascular exercises should at least be 30 minutes for a weekly total of 3.5 to 5 hours. There are many benefits of cardiovascular exercises like improved heart health, increased body metabolism, better hormonal profile and an improved ability to recover. How about some motivation to help you with your fitness goals? Visit for the latest discounted deals on fitness equipment.

4. Warm up and cooling down

As necessary are all the above points, warm up and cooling down is equally necessary and should be made part of every fitness regime. Try and incorporate some basic stretching before the commencement of a workout and also some static stretches at the end of it. Doing so will help improve your range of motion.

So there we have a comprehensive breakdown of 4 methods that will help tone down your body and get you healthy and fit all within a month’s time.

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