5 Must-Know Tips for Planning a Surprise Baby Shower

Looking to throw your sister, cousin, or close friend a surprise baby shower? Check out this blog on 5 essential tips for pulling off the perfect surprise

Did you recently get the news that your bestie, sister, or another equally important gal pal in your life is pregnant?

It’s such an exciting time and you want to throw out all the stops to celebrate. So why not throw her a surprise baby shower? You’ll give her an exciting experience she’ll never forget.

To plan the perfect celebration and keep those plans undercover, there are a few essential tips you’ll need to put into place.

  1. Be Sure She Likes Surprises

There are those in the world who are thrilled at the idea of a surprise party, and those who definitely aren’t.

If you know the mother is the former, then you’re good to go. The element of surprise will be exciting.

But if you’re not entirely sure if she’s the surprise party type, then ask members of her family or other friends whether they think she’d like this sort of shower. Remember, you don’t want to create stress for right now.

Baby shower planning tips

  1. Pick the Perfect Place

While planning the surprise party, try not to get swept up by envisioning your perfect shower. For example, your preference might be a banquet hall at your favorite restaurant while she’d prefer a quiet gathering at a park or a friend’s house.

She’ll enjoy the celebration more and it’ll be easier to keep it a secret if it’s held at a place she frequents.

  1. Keep the Invitations on the DL

Nothing puts the kibosh on the element of surprises like having the guest of honor spot a physical invitation at another friend’s or family member’s house. To eliminate this possibility, send digital baby shower invitations instead.

There are so many templates to choose from so you can find the one that’s perfect for her. Just be sure to EMPHATICALLY note the fact that it’s a surprise baby shower in a way that ensures nobody misses that point.

  1. Consider a Meaningful Group Gift

It’s difficult to set up the registry for the shower without raising suspicion.

With that in mind, consider offering something far more personal than physical gifts. Since the first several months are always the hardest with a newborn, you could ask instead that the guests offer to help during that time.

Have each guest make a “gift certificate” that offers a service such as babysitting or cooking a meal so that the family can get a little downtime. Then put them in a booklet or decorated box. She can redeem them when needed.

  1. Make a Guest Book

Along with that lovely and personal gift, you can also give her a thoughtful record of the surprise baby shower by creating a guest book. Have each guest come up with a favorite quote, a piece of advice, or an image that speaks to the mother.

It’ll be a poignant memento of a beautiful celebration.

Planning a Surprise Baby Shower?

By taking the above tips into consideration, you’ll be off to a great start in making sure that surprise baby shower goes off without a hitch.

It’ll definitely be a day to remember.

And if you’re looking for more inspirational articles, keep checking back with our pre-planning and pregnancy blog!

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