30 Special Footer Design for your Design Inspiration

September 26th, 2009 Faisal Raj Inspiration 12 Comments

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Footer is one of the most important part of every web site and every well-experienced designers are concern about this part. A well footer design must give much attractiveness to your site.

In most of the sites, we only see the name of copyright with a formal design in footer section. But a footer section can more than it. In today’s most of the sites you will able to see great footer design with lots of newer section. I am going to show some websites with well-designed footer section which I found by browsing Best CSS Gallery.

Footer Design

Footer Design


Ultimate Icon Resources for Web Designers

September 19th, 2009 Faisal Raj Icons 3 Comments

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For creating an eye-catching visual interface, a designer must need nice set of work related icons. For this, every designer loves icons and they like to collect it. But it’s true that, finding work related icon set is always not easier.

In my today’s presentation you will get some really useful links for collecting your work related icons. In the presentation, I have listed some popular free icon galleries, premium icon galleries and top six search engines to find best icons. Hope these will helpful for you.

Ultimate Icon Resource


35 Realistic Photo Manipulations

September 15th, 2009 Faisal Raj Graphics 15 Comments

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Photo manipulation is one of the coolest part of graphic designing tools. Everybody likes to see the creative works of excellent photo manipulation, whatever, he or she is a designer or not. Some extremely talented artists can really give a look like a realistic image from an unrealistic concept.

For our visitors, here are 35 incredible examples of Photo manipulated images.

Photo Manipulation


28 Interesting Loader of Flash Sites

September 9th, 2009 Faisal Raj Inspiration 5 Comments

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Normally, about all of the flash base websites are great to look at. They are well visualized. People love to see them. But the main prob is that, a flash site always takes high time to load. So, it is the most boring time when a site is loading.

But, here I am going to show some Interesting flash sites which will never bored you in the loading time; in fact, the loading time of these sites will amuse you. Hope you will love them.

Flash Loading


15 Free Pixel Fonts for Small Text

September 3rd, 2009 Faisal Raj Fonts 4 Comments

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In our graphic designing or any types of web development related works the beauty of text writing is very much important. And for our working purpose sometimes we need to write small text. And when a person is going to write some mini text then s/he can see that most of the texts are not seeing properly. Cause most of the fonts are not suitable for small text.

So, here I collected some nice and useful small pixel fonts for our visitors. And you will also get direct download link from here. Hope these will helpful for you.

Free Pixel Fonts

Free Pixel Fonts


25 Exceptional Contact Forms to get Inspired

September 1st, 2009 Faisal Raj Inspiration,Showcases 9 Comments

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Contact form is one of the most important parts for most of the website. It plays a vital role to interact with your clients or well-wishers. So, many of the designers pay plenty of concentration to design a contact form.

So, when you will design a contract form think about a nice design of it. For this, you can try to achieve inspiration from various designers’ design. For taking inspiration about contact form here I am going to show 25 nice and exceptional contact forms.

Contact Forms


36 Free Photoshop Tree Brushes

August 29th, 2009 Faisal Raj Freebies 16 Comments

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Day by day designing is getting easier ways. Once upon a time when we think about a design of nature, there was no other way except sketching. But now Photoshop addons makes the designing as a simple play. Now we easily get various brushes for designing a natural scenario. And tree brush is the most important things to design a natural effect.

So, in my today’s post, I am going to provide a list of some nice and exceptional Photoshop tree brushes. Hope, it will help you for your designing.

Free Photoshop Tree Brushes


100+ Free Twitter Icon Sets

August 24th, 2009 Faisal Raj Icons 46 Comments

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Twitter is one of the most popular social media of recent times to promote your activities. And if you have a site you must need to make a bridge between twitter and your site because of spreading your site content around the world through twitter.

For placing a twitter button you must need a twitter icon. For this purpose, I have collected a huge number of twitter icons and I think, for your using you will never need to go anywhere without this post for finding a twitter icon.

Share the post with your friends and stay connected with us through our Twitter ID.

100+ Free Twitter Icon Sets


Innovative Wood Texture Pack from GeekSucks

August 22nd, 2009 Shabu Freebies 4 Comments

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Few days ago we have published an article of 77 Exclusive Free Texture Pack Collection from various inspirational blogs. But it likes to me as a shame that, as an inspirational blog we did not released yet any texture pack of our own for our readers.

So, for our visitors, recently we’ve captured some awesome wood texture photograph for their use.
Free Wood Texture PackThis is starting of our process to provide textures. From now we will try to provide you various texture packs on monthly basis and of course these will be capture by us. Right now, providing you 14 wood texture pack. All these textures’ resolution is 3888 X 2592.


32 Extremely Useful Twitter Plugins for WordPress

August 19th, 2009 Faisal Raj Showcases 15 Comments

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Twitter is a recent time craze for communicate with each other. And Twitter is not only so much valuable for interacting with your friends or community but it is also a great media for marketing your service.

Twitter Plugins for WordPress
If you have a site or blog based on WordPress then it is more easy to spread your site content through Twitter, because there are lots of Twitter plugins for WordPress. Here I gathered, 32 useful Twitter Plugins for WordPress users, hope these will help you and make you smile.