32 Gorgeous Celebrity Websites

Celebrity lifestyle is a dream world to all of us. Everybody wants to know any types of news or gossip about his/her favorite celebrity. And the best way to know about the stars, is taking a visit on his/her website. Most of the celebrities have their own official websites to know about themselves.

From thousands of superstars, I have collected 32 official websites address of super celebrity which are as gorgeous and attractive as like them.

Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus

Lindsay Lohan

Lindseay Lohan

40 Outstanding Mozilla Wallpapers

Mozilla Firefox is one of the leading web browsers of internet world and for the web developer, there is no other competitive of its.

I am also a fan of Mozilla. I have put together lots of wallpaper of Mozilla and here I am going to show you some outstanding wallpaper of Mozilla from my collection. You can also collect them; below the every image of the post you will get the source of full image.

Mozilla Wallpaper


Mozilla Wallpaper


25 Awesome Online Store Built with Magento

Magento is today’s one of the top open source e-commerce software which is used by thousands of online stores across the world. Its features incredibly user-friendly for both customers and administrative experience.

We can see lots of e-commerce sites which are powered by Magento. Now I’m going to show you some well-designed Magento based websites.


magento website

Wear Port

magento website

Weekly Cool Links – 23rd June

For my working purpose every day, I browse lots of websites. So I become familiar with many new sites every day. And some of these are so much valuable and inspiring. So, in this post, I want to share those cool links which I found in this week with our visitors.

  • PSD Fan – A great inspirational site for Photoshop lover. This site always posting some of the highest quality tutorials you’re likely to find.
  • Cool Showcase – A space to share and enjoy the work of digital artists and designers. This showcase site shows creative works on digital design, fine art, illustration, traditional art, digital art, 3d, photography and many more.
  • Printed Proof – An online resource of offline content. Printed Proof promotes the great design and great marketing through print via the web. From here you can get all types of information, news, tips and information of design related printing.

12 Useful Photoshop Tutorials on Smoke Effect

There are a lot of tutorials on Photoshop learning. And every designer has more or less interest on smoke effect of Photoshop. Lots of tutorials available on this topic, but most of them are not complete or fully-informative for learning. So, in this post, I have gathered 12 stunning and useful Tutorials of Photoshop smoke art for your helping purpose.

If you want to add any informative suggestion or cool resource link on this topic, then you can share it on comments section.

Smoke Type in Photoshop

Phtoshop Tutorial on Smoke art

Tutorial Source

Smoke Effect with Brush

Phtoshop Tutorial on Smoke art

Tutorial Source

50+ Really Creative and Unusual Business Cards

There are numerous ways that someone can draw customers to his business. Some people do this by introducing a promotion campaign in the form of ads. Some don’t make use of marketing at all and just succeed throughout word of mouth.

But, on a more individual stage if a person travels around, the best way to bear and give out is a business card. In today’s digital age group where information can be easily obtained within seconds, business cards still keep hold of their significance in the attainment of amplified business exposure and business deals.

Depending on your budget, thoughts, needs and design, different kinds of business card can achieve. But your card needs to be unique whatever it is cheap or expensive. Depending on your unique and unusual card design customers will decide that will he/she keep the card, or throw it away?

For getting inspiration, in the post I have submitted 53 creative design business cards.

Unusual Business Card

Unusual Business Card

22 Websites for Free Twitter Backgrounds

Twitter is one of the current best web media to interact with your friends group. You can stay connected with your circle by this popular websites. Moreover, it can spread the news of your web related activities.

So, everyone wants to decorate his/her twitter profile with nice background or theme. In following list, I have submitted the addresses of 22 rich full websites of twitter backgrounds.

If you have any more website address about this topic, then you can add it in the comment section.

Cool Twitter Pages


Twitter Backgrounds


Inspirational Pepsi Ads

Pepsi is produced and manufactured by PepsiCo. The soft drinks are sold in numerous places for example retail stores, restaurants, cinemas schools, and from vending machines. It was first produced in the 1880s by pharmacist Caleb Bradham in New Bern, North Carolina. On 16, June 1903, the brand was trademarked. A good number of Pepsi variants manufactured over the years since 1898. Pepsi announced in October 2008, the company would be redesigning their logo and re-branding several of its products in early 2009. During its arrival in market Pepsi is very conscious about their ads. They served many attractive ads to their consumers. All of their ads are attractive and creative. Here you can find out some of their ads.

Pepsi ads

Pepsi ads

40+ Websites with Awesome Background

I’ve gathered some stunning websites, which have awesome and eye-catching background. You can easily gain the inspiration and designing idea from these works.



Dara’s Garden


99 Best Free WordPress Theme Galleries


If you plan to begin your own blog website, the best option for a blog application would be WordPress which offers a rich set of blog features as well as a large supporting community. On the Internet, there is now huge amount of demand of this WordPress blog. And everybody knows that a lots of free WordPress themes are available on the web. You only need to find a choice able theme. But it is hard task to find your work related and choice able theme for your own purpose. To make easier of your work here we give a list of 99 free WordPress themes galleries which are full of nice and perfect coded themes.

  1. Theme Directory
  2. Free WP Themes
  3. Theme Lab
  4. Rock-Kitty Themes
  5. Free Wordpress Theme
  6. Templates Browser