Important Questions To Ask Before Hiring An SEO Company

Earning thousands of dollars each month is arguably the main reason why many businessmen and women go for web marketing to elevate their businesses toward success. While some entrepreneurs brave the competition due to their online marketing know-how, there’s still many who seek assistance from SEO companies.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a revolutionary practice used with a purpose to reach more audience online. If your business is in need of experts to lead your brand to the winners’ circle, an SEO company can help you. However, searching for “the one” is such an undertaking. Ask these questions before you hire an SEO company like Web Marketing 123 to increase the chances of you making the right decision.

  1. What’s your strategy to adapt to my brand or business?

There’s an SEO strategy for every business model or niche. An approach done by an SEO company for a previous client might not work well with your business structure. Your potential partner must have the talent to articulate how they’ll harmonize their strategies to your brand.

Hiring An SEO Company

  1. How long can you help my business rank on search engine results?

Many SEO companies can promise you the shortest time frame, but don’t give in so quickly because this is a question that most adept SEO professionals try to answer very carefully. The truth is it takes some time for a brand or website to rank up. It doesn’t happen overnight. A good SEO company will always consider and explain to you the following factors that affect online ranking:

  • Content
  • Backlinks
  • Mobile First
  • Page Speed
  • Schema Code
  • Brand Power
  • Domain Power
  • Use Experience
  1. Can you provide some information about your previous clients?

Looking for an SEO company is like shopping for your next car. You want to know its pros and cons through honest consumer reviews and testimonials. Real SEO experts won’t shy away from showing you their past big-name clients.  Answering this question is their most awaited moment to brag and sell their services.

Be mindful though before you say “yes” because you must follow it up by checking the potential candidate’s tenure in the industry and length with a client. An SEO company around for quite a while with a past client for just a few months could be a shady partner to choose. Look for an SEO team with a history of being consistent with their deliveries every year.

  1. What is your process on updating me about changes on my website?

A timely update is admirable, but a regular one is better. Good SEO companies will keep a periodical update about your website. It could be on a weekly or a monthly basis.

Your SEO partner will have some access to your website, so trust is a primary key here. An ideal SEO company will prioritize trust that you’ve given by making sure all changes are recorded and duly informed to the right parties.

  1. Which SEO applications do you use?

Applications or tools drive the entire SEO process. Ask your candidate about which SEO tools they use, and they should be able to present the purpose of each one. There are many, but your candidate must be able to provide the following:

  • Research tools
  • Reporting tools
  • Link building tools
  • Technical tools
  1. What is “success” for you?

SEO companies have their objectives and targets, but they should answer this question based on what they can bring to the table to make your business successful. Like what was said earlier, success won’t happen right away. Your ideal SEO company should base their metrics on your brand’s objectives. Real experts will mold their plans around your business goals.

Avoid companies that promise quick results and top-page rankings. Sure, they can put your website to where the significant traffic is, but it won’t last long. They’re using shady techniques that will end up you paying the penalties.

  1. What are your needs from my business?

A good SEO partner will give you a long list of needs and a series of questions. For them to work effectively, they must ask detailed information such as:

  • Industry
  • Audience or consumers
  • Goals or targets
  • KPIs
  • Marketing Platforms

As a conclusion, you should consider a candidate with an excellent background in online marketing and an unblemished reputation. SEO is a complicated field, so you need a partner that can genuinely make things easy for you.

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