How to Stop Dogs from Destructive Chewing

Babies and puppies are not that different. They will put the first thing they can get hold of into their mouth. That’s natural for all young living animals to be honest as its all instinctive. Yet, it becomes really annoying when your dogs literally start destroying all of your things whether it’s your boots or pillows. Even they chew their beds and pillows also.

So, if you have a dog making your life a real hell then you can relate to the problem, and probably you’re looking for some solution. And that’s what you will get as I’m happy to show you how to stop dogs from destructive chewing. And remember one thing, if you want to prevent bed chewing problem, you can use the best chew proof dog bed.

Things you can do to make your dogs stop chewing your stuff:

  • When you have a toddler in your house, most of you start baby proofing things so that it can’t hurt itself. The same rule goes for your four-legged chewing machine, and I’m talking about your dog, not the baby if you got one. Joke aside, dog-proofing things is something you should consider seriously. Not only for ensuring your stuff aren’t damaged but most importantly to make sure your dog doesn’t harm itself by chewing anything harmful. For example, its entirely possible your dog might chew some electric cords and get electrocuted. To avoid certain situations, start putting things in places out of your dog’s reach. Also, get a chew free dog bed for your little mate. It will save you lot of bucks as those things can’t be torn off, not even by Cujo.
  • While puppy proofing your home might work, but you can’t start assuming it will stop the destructive chewing obsession. However, you can manipulate its behavior by training it not to chew things. A great way to do so is by using chewing toys. Give your dog toys so that it can chew as much as it wants to. Its a win-win scenario for both. And this trick can really do the job for you. If it starts nipping things in your presence, just give it a chewing toy to bite instead. The regular intervention will help modify its behavior and after some time it will chewing toys on its own.
  • Some dogs can’t handle separation from the owners. So, look for the symptoms of anxiety. Like whether it acts all crazy when you’re not available and just starts tearing things by chewing. This way you can find what’s wrong with your dog. If it has anxiety problems, then check with your veterinarian for help.
  • You need to be in control. You can’t just let the dog do whatever it likes. If it’s not taking your orders, then you need to enforce it. But nothing too extreme. Just take the toys away or stop giving treats when it’s not playing by the rules. Not all dogs are the same, and some will still make trouble. In that case, you can get some repellent sprays that will help you to correct their behavior. Even, if you’re not getting positive results, then you can go for those dog training collars. Those things are known to be useful for behavior correctional training.

All things aside, treat your dog correctly. Don’t ignore it. It’s not a toy, its a living being, so you need to take proper care of it. So, play with it, take it to walks and be gentle with it. If you can bond with your dog, then it’s much easier to make it follow your orders. And hopefully, you won’t ever have to be looking for tips like how to stop dogs from destructive chewing over the internet again.

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