Different Types of Sun Protective Clothing Available In The Market

You can often see products that protect you from the sun’s harmful UV rays—for example, creams, lip balms, sprays, and lotions. UV or ultraviolet rays of the sun cause many problems like sunburns, actinic keratosis, solar elastosis, premature aging, and wrinkles. These products can help protect your skin, but covering the entire body with them is not practical and can also be expensive, as refilling the bottles every two weeks will be your priority. Your clothing shields you from these harmful rays and prevents sun damage in the most effective form; you can find out more about these specialized garments online. People can choose from a wide range of sun protective clothing products, especially if they spend a lot of time outdoors.

Sun protecting clothing

Individuals who are into sports, construction, traveling, etc., require sun-protective clothing daily. You should look for breathable and lightweight fabrics that don’t interrupt your work in any way. The Ultraviolet protection factor or UPF measures the amount of UV radiation that can penetrate your clothing. So a UPF of 50 and above provides good protection. Here are a few clothing options that you can try for work, golf, or any other outdoor activity during the summer.

Face Protection: Protecting the face or covering it during summer is more critical than any other part of your body as it is more sensitive to exposure and damage than the others. The first thing you can opt for is a hat with a brim three inches or wider and covers the back of your neck too. Your face is usually covered with sunscreen, which provides an extra layer of protection. Your eyes are also sensitive to UV rays and need to be covered. Choosing sunglasses with UV protection from 99% to 100% is vital during the summer.

Arm Protection: Arms are the most exposed region of your body and require the same attention as other parts. Using long-sleeved t-shirts or SPF 50+ protective sleeves can provide you with the necessary protection. People who play or are into sports can choose this option as sunscreens can work only for a specific amount of time, and applying it is a big task. Make sure the fabric is lightweight and dries faster so that the sweat does not interfere with your activity.

Hand Protection: There are options for gloves to cover your hand and fingers. People who play golf often find it uncomfortable to work with gloves covering the entire hand, making the grip not great and affecting the game. Half gloves that cover only the outer part of the hand come in handy in this situation.

Other: Shoulder wrap sleeves or masks that have breathable fabrics and provide the protection necessary are also clothing options you can choose from.

Final thoughts

Apart from these options, you should also invest in sunscreens that provide maximum protection, even if it lasts only a few hours. You should avoid tanning beds or going out in peak heat hours and stay in shades as much as possible. The sun-protective clothing will help you stay protected from sun damage, but it is also necessary to take more preventive measures.

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