How to Choose the Best Beginner Electric Guitar for Yourself

Playing instruments can be both a hobby and a career. Playing the guitar is a good example of an activity that you can have fun doing, and still earn money while at it. Electric guitars tend to be appealing because they have a unique sound that is especially good for rock concerts.

For a beginner, you might want to buy your own guitar. This way, you can practice as much as you want, and at any time of the day. Also, you will familiarise yourself with the various guitar parts. Various beginner guitar reviews offer a variety of tips on choosing your electric guitar, and some of them are discussed below.

Learn How It Works

First and foremost, learn how electric guitars work. If you have been playing one for some time, then you are likely to be familiar with the different parts and what function each of them plays. If not, then take some time to learn what each knob does, what the buttons are used for, how it should be held, played, and what guitar to choose depending on what sound you want to obtain.

The Price Of The Guitar

Second, you will need to look at how much you are willing to spend on the guitar. Often, we may think that a low price is good because you will save some cash. However, with a cheap guitar, quality may not be guaranteed. For example, it is likely to be made of materials that are not durable.

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This means that the guitar can only go for a short time before it starts breaking down. For this reason, it is important to buy a good quality guitar even if it may prove expensive. You can also with a second-hand high-quality guitar, as long as it is still in good shape because it will be more affordable. Just ensure that you check it well and that the price is worth it.


Before you walk away with your guitar, it is paramount that you check all the switches and the knobs for the kind of sound your guitar will give you. Electric guitars tend to be diverse when it comes to the acoustics. As a rule, always test the guitars with the same amplifiers.

Experts insist on this because different amplifiers will alter the sound coming out of the guitars. If you keep changing the amplifiers, then you will not notice the actual differences between the electric guitars. Be keen on any sound changes and decide for yourself whether or not you like what you are hearing. Also, do not forget to check the intonation of the guitar, because if it is wrong then it will affect how the guitar sounds when you play it.


How the guitar looks may prove important to you if you want an attractive instrument. Look at the color, and see if you like how it looks. The design of the guitar will also change the appearance, so you should look at the curves and angles before you settle on the guitar of your choice. The more intricate the design on the guitar is, the more likely it is to go for a higher price.

If appearance is very important to you, then you might have to spend a little more than usual. However, it will be worth the trouble because well-designed guitars also tend to last for longer than plain ones. The reason for this is that beautiful designs require high-quality materials to make. However, beware of cheap guitars that have generic guitars because the materials are not likely to last for long.


The materials used to make your electric guitar will determine not only how the guitar sounds, but how long it will last. These two factors should always be on your mind every time you go out looking for a guitar to work with. For the metal parts of the guitar, it is important that they are made of durable metals.

For example, the metals should not be prone to corrosion. Also, the metal should be easy to wipe clean, to make sure that your guitar looks good every time. If there are any wood parts, then they should be finished in such a way that they cannot be damaged by external factors such as sunlight, moisture, and pests. Make sure that the material does not bend or warp at any point on the guitar because this could affect the sound produced.


An electric guitar cannot be used on its own. It comes with several accessories that are used to either play the guitar or to care for it. For example, the guitar will come with a strap that you will use to hang the instrument on your body when you are playing.

Make sure it is made to withstand constant wear and tear. Another example is the case within you will store your guitar. Ensure that the case is well lined to protect your guitar from damage during storage.

Final Thoughts

In the end, it is important to take your time through this entire process. If you are in a hurry, you may miss a defect in the guitar that could later damage your machine. Also, you may be forced into buying something that you do not want.

Look at all the available options because you might find a guitar that is more attractive or one that sounds better than the previous one you looked at. Choosing a guitar is also bound to be a fun process, during which you can learn more about the instrument and how it works. You might also meet people who share your interests, so take your time and make the right choice.

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