5 Best Backlit Keyboards for You (Reviewed Feb, 2023)

Every serious desktop user will understand the need for the best keyboard. If you spend hours sitting in front of a PC you will agree with me that the right tools are as important as the specs of the computer.

Most computer users will think about vamping up the RAM and the Space of the machine before any other need which is more than okay. The hardware is as important as the software because you spend more time interacting with it physically.

Azio Vision Backlit USB Keyboard

The AZiO Vision keyboard features extra-large print keys to reduce eyestrain and promote productivity.

The keyboard is one such part of the computer that needs reconsideration. Backlit keyboards are one of the best ways not only to make work easier in dim or completely dark situations but to also improve the look of the machine. Try our best backlit keyboard list to fulfill your requirement, laptop users will also find it useful every once in a while to use an external keyboard as compared to the one that is inbuilt.

Types of Backlit Keyboards

There are two main types of backlit keyboards. The first is the basic lit keyboard which is ideal for normal typing and other lighter jobs on the desktop. This keyboard comes with the basic white light illuminating the whole key or the letters only. This is an ideal keyboard for people that work late night typing away projects in dim light. The other option is a more elaborate keyboard which may come in an array of lighting regarding color as well as design. These keyboards are used by gamers, programmers, and designers. These are keener on flair as well as a technicality. These keyboards come with a variety of possibilities including the ability to program keys and direct access keys. Keyboards have evolved to take the place of major functions on the computer not only making work easier but more convenient for the user. Here is a list of some of the best-backlit keyboards in the market today.

5 best backlit keyboards you can buy today

1. Azio Vision Backlit USB Keyboard

This is one of the most compact options on this list with some pros which is why it is at the top. The keyboard design is not only sturdy but easy to set up.


PricingThe keyboard is reasonably priced, and you are sure to get a good quality backlit keyboard without breaking the back.
Palm RestThe keyboard comes with a wide base that also acts as a soft wrist rest ensuring that you do not hurt yourself over long hours of use.
Angles of RestIt also comes with tilts that allow you to place it at a variety of angles during use. This ensures that you do not get tired during the period of use.
ResponsivenessThe keys are highly responsive while combining the touch with a solid type. This is also aided by illuminated letters that are hard to miss even in the darkest of circumstances.
Number padThe keyboard comes with a present number pad.
Aesthetic ValueThe lime green backlight provides a classy, cool look for users that spend long hours writing up essays and even game playing. The lighting also comes in a variety of choices including cyan, red, pink and blue.
CompatibilityKeyboard is compatible with most if not all devices in the market, making it ideal for every user.
ResilienceKeyboard is sturdy and compact which is welcome for users that spend long hours on end typing away.
ExtrasHave internet connectivity keys as well as multimedia hotkeys.


WeightA little heavy due to compactness.
UseThis may be limited to users that spend more time typing as opposed to gamers and programmers.

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2. EagleTec Office / Industrial LED Backlit Keyboard

This is one of the hardiest keyboards on this list designed to partake a lot of abuse and work in difficult conditions. It also comes with an array of impressive features right from the design to functions.


Palm RestThe keyboard is ergonomic with a friendly wrist rest that is combined with ’tilts’ that allow you to position to the point of your liking.
ResponsivenessKeys are responsive with an audible leasing click that accentuates the mechanical nature of the keyboard.
Number padThere is a number pad present on the keyboard.
Aesthetic ValueThis is one of the sleekest options we have on the list with mechanical keys and a minimalist design that is not cluttered by logos all over. It is designed to not only last but presents a tough, classy look.
CompatibilityIt is compatible with most devices in the market.
ResilienceThe keyboard is made of industrial aluminum which not only makes it tough but a delight to work with. It is also splash proof meaning that it can withstand a certain amount if spillage during use. The keys are made of double-shot molded caps that can withstand quite a high amount of abuse through use.


PriceThe keyboard is one of the most expensive on our list but still within reasonable range for a keyboard its quality.

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3. Perixx Backlit Keyboard

This is one of the best-looking keyboards on this list and a perfect addition for any gamer or programmer out there.


Palm RestThis is an impressive keyboard that comes with adjustable wrists rests as well as stilts for different angles during use. The gamer’s keyboard allows the user to use it at various positions depending on the intensity and the keys purposed for the game.
ResponsivenessThe high responsive keys are also illuminated with blue, red and purple backlight that makes it easy to see them. You also get a light control knob that handles the amount of brightness for the light.
Number padThe keyboard is full length with a number pad ideal for gaming situations.
Aesthetic Valuethe keyboards are not only ergonomically designed but a delight to look at.
CompatibilityIt is also compatible with most devices in the market for both typing and gaming purposes.
ResilienceThe keyboard comes with a 20 million key press, life cycles for longevity. This is ideal considering the hour’s gamers spend working on one.


PriceIt is also one of the most expensive options on our list while providing the functions of most of the other keyboards listed.

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4. Azio PRISM USB Wired Keyboard

This is a beautiful keyboard that combines longevity and functionality. It is also affordable and works well with normal and extreme users alike.


PricingThe pricing on this keyboard is just right considering the value and sturdiness it brings to the table.
Palm RestThe palm rest is ergonomic for long hours of typing. It is an ideal keyboard for programmers that spend lots of time with their wrists on the board.
ResponsivenessThe keys are also highly responsive with Icy Blue, Vivid Magenta, Blossom Orange, Emerald and Crimson red toggle options.
Number padThe keyboard is full length and ideal for gamers and programmers alike.
Aesthetic ValueThe multicolor keyboard is a beautiful presentation that is a delight to look at in dim light.
CompatibilityIt is compatible with most devices.
ResilienceThe keyboard comes with a 20 million key cycle allowing all types of users not matter the length of time of the user.


LightingThe lighting is not very bright in normal light but perfectly visible in dim light.

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5. Monoprice Deluxe Backlit Keyboard

This is one of the most minimalist keyboards on our list but worth every dollar.


PricingThe keyboard is affordable while providing longevity and functionality.
Palm RestThe keyboard is slim and lightweight enough creating a very small elevation perfect for the wrists.
ResponsivenessThe keys are highly responsive with a blue backlight that is around the keys as well as through the letters.
Number padThe cable is full length for users that love to use the number pad.
Aesthetic ValueThe keyboard is simple and minimalist for those that prefer thing simples.
CompatibilityIt is also well compatible with most if not all devices that come with a USB port.
ResilienceIt also comes with a 20 million key life cycle. This means that it can also take quite a beating before giving in.


CableThe keyboard comes with a 58-inch cable which may not be ideal for gamers that prefer wireless options.

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Buying Guide: Things to Consider before Buying Backlit Keyboards

It is important that you understand the different features that backlit keyboards come with. The reasons for this are that preferences will differ. Most keyboard users will adopt different positions and also end up using different keys for different purposes over time. Here is a buying guide listing features that you should consider before picking your ideal backlit keyboard.


This may be one of the most important factors when it comes to buying a backlit keyboard. The fact of the matter is that different brands will come with different pricing determined by the make and build of the keyboard. Some of the keyboards may range in hundreds of dollars while others will be as cheap as $20. The trick is getting the best backlit keyboard for your needs without necessarily breaking the bank. Normal backlit keyboards will be much cheaper than the options with more flair and elaborate designs. It is, either way, wise to save up for the best if you want the best experience. You need to remember that expensive keyboards are not always the best, and so are cheap ones. A good compromise between functionality and price will be ideal.

Palm Rest

The position of the palm while using the keyboard is crucial. Long hours of use in uncomfortable provisions may cause Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. This is a disease of the nerves that is caused by the compression of the median nerve which travels at the carpal never through the wrist. The disease causes pain on the thumbs, numbness and tingling in the fingers. The user develops gradually and starts at night slowly weakening the whole arm. The right keyboard will provide proper surfaces for the wrist to rest and even provide options for the user as the night progresses. Stiff un-ergonomic keyboards are likely to cause issues after long hours of use. It is also common to find keyboard users with blackened writes which are as a result of long hours of resting the wrist on an uncomfortable keyboard.

Angles of Rest

You should also ensure that you determine the resting positions of the keyboards. The more versatile the keyboard is the better. This means that you will be able to position the keyboard to your liking depending on use. Gamers may prefer keyboards placed well raised for comfort and long hours of playing while programmers will not mind a more conventional position. This is determined by the whole design of the keyboard as well as the presence of tilts.

Responsiveness of the Keys

Keyboard keys can be annoying depending on the level of responsiveness you are hoping for. Stubborn keys that get stuck or simply take a lot of effort to key in may not be the best options if you want to work long hours. Very sensitive ones may also not be the best for people that prefer solid typing. The best way to get this right is by ensuring that you test run the keyboard before making the purchase. This also affects the noise made by the keyboards. Keys that make noise while in use are a nuisance especially if you are in a roommate situation. Keyboards with silent keys are ideal. A small click is also ideal for people that love typing long hours as it is an indication of keyed in words. This is purely a matter of preference.

Wireless or Cable

Backlit keyboards also provide wireless and wired connectivity. Wireless keyboards will us3e an internal source of power which may need recharging or changing with time while the wired ones will not need this. Users that do not mind sitting close to their screens will have no problem with wired keyboards. Gamers and programmers will prefer to sit away from their big screens which can only be allowed by an entirely free keyboard. Wireless keyboards allow the user to use the screen from any point in a room without worrying about connectivity. Wireless keyboards also minimize clutter caused by the wires running all along the desk.

Numeric Keypad

This may not be such a crucial part of use but merely design. Some users are minimalists in nature and will not mind using smaller keyboards. These are designed by eliminating the numbers pad sticking to the row at the top of the keyboard. Smaller keyboard is ideal for users that are traveling while using laptops and those that prefer using their keyboards no matter where they connect to desktops. Most programmers will refer moving around with their keyboards and connect with desktops at the site for set up and work.

Programmable Keys

The value of the keyboard to a programmer and gamer is determined by its ability to conform to the needs of the user. It is for this reason that keyboard designers have come up with ways to create easy access keys and those that are programmable. This means that the user has the freedom to reassign keys to perform actions that would take a process of typing and set up. Programmable keyboards make work easier for the programmer ensuring that codes are easily keyed in. These are also ideal for gamers that use more intricate PC games that involve communities and the likes. Programmable also save time and provide personalization.

Aesthetic Value

There is a huge section of desktop users that will buy backlit keyboards simply because they look cool which is more than okay. The fact that you spend hours on end facing a desktop screen is dulling enough. Improving the look of your hardware not only gives you a better view but attracts awe from your colleagues and friends. A backlit keyboard for gamers is a plus and a much-desired invitation to play. Gamers are all about flair which is why the best gadgets also win. These keyboards come with impressive and elaborate designs providing options that may sometimes seem literally like vanity, though well understood by the gaming community. The design also includes the use of different lighting mechanism and colors. Unlike the basic backlit keyboard, the gamers and programmers keyboard is a light city with backlight that is not only programmable but can be tuned to the preference of the user.


Backlit keyboard designers are all about providing technology that works across all platforms. But there have been issues with compatibility, especially with Mac computers. It is wise that you take the time to ensure that your keyboard connects easily without any challenges. All the keyboards on our list work for most of the devices out there which is why they are the best options. This may be sometimes tricky because you cannot carry a desktop to the shop just to check compatibility. Good research and understanding of the type of keyboard you are picking will save you the time and disappointment.


Resilience is all about the ability of the keyboard to handle long hours of work and sometimes ‘abuse.’ Keyboards need to be able to withstand long hours of handling without breaking down. Some of the keyboard designers offer a guarantee of 20 million key presses during use which is more than fine. Resilience is also determined by the environment in which the keyboard will be used. Portable backlit keyboards may be used by scientists for excursions and exposed to tough conditions including extreme weather and handling. They may also be exposed to elements such as water and dust which will easily cause problems in the long run. Tough backlit keyboards are ideal for such conditions and need to be considered for such activities.


The extras are as important as the basics the keyboard comes with. This is actually what the designers use to market and advertise their keyboards. Some keyboards will come with internet connectivity keys, multimedia capabilities, inbuilt cursor movers and programmable keys. Others will come with light features while others will be portable. All the features add up to provide the user with an extra edge during use. The extras will easily determine the difference between keyboards and eventually the popularity of the same.


The best backlit keyboard will be a combination of some features. These will also be heavily determined by the preferences of the user. The pricing being one of the main determinants may not always be the best ways to gauge what the best keyboard for you will be. You want to pick something that will give a statement of who you are as a gamer or programmer as well as functional. It may also at the end of the day be about reaching a compromise of one feature for another. The most important factor among all this will be the ergonomic nature of the keyboard. This not only affects the use but your health in the long run.

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