What You Need to Know about iOS 11, the Hidden Features, and Its Highlights

Apple announced the introduction of iOS 11 at the Mobile World Congress 2017. Apart from the regular upgrade to the software, Apple brought on board some exciting features that many did not know they existed. In the succeeding sections, you will be reading about the hidden highlights offered by the latest version from Apple.

1) Dark Mode

You can activate the mode under by choosing smart invert available under the display accommodations feature under accessibility option. However, it is useful for native applications. Third-party applications that already have the dark theme may not function appropriately.

2) Toggling AirDrop via Settings

iOS 11 gives the chance to toggle AirDrop right from settings. Users can visit the settings application and navigate to AirDrop under the General tab. Previously it was possible only through the control center. Also, imagine how great it is for the people using music making apps and looking to share music on the go.

3) Creating PDF Documents

Rather than using a third-party application, you can now use the native built-in feature to create PDF files. From the share button available in the Safari web browser, you can click the share button and save the page as PDF format.

4) Shutting Down the System via The Settings

Under the General tab found under the Settings application, scroll down to see the Shut Down option. The presence of the feature is useful for those who have their power button broken.

5) Sharing Wi-Fi Passwords

If friends or colleagues wish to share the Wi-Fi that you are using at home, you can provide them with the password as long as you are on the network. All they need to do is bring their device close to your phone. On your iPhone, you will be seeing a message that asks you whether you wish to share the password. You can choose the required button and continue with the work.

6) Experimental features of Safari

Apple, for the first time, introduced a few experimental features for its Safari browser. You can gain access to the Experimental Features from the Advanced option available under the Settings of Safari browser.

7) New iMessage Features

Spotlight and Echo are the two new features added to iMessage. While the Spotlight puts the message in the spotlight, the Echo repeatedly reads out the text displayed on the screen. A guide is available for those who find it difficult to use the options.

8) Displaying App Store Rating and Autoplay of Videos

Visit iTunes & App Store from the Settings. From this, you have the chance to disable the in-app rating, reviews, and disabling the Autoplay of the videos. The feature is excellent, as it will help in getting rid of the annoying videos that play automatically and the frequent prompts that ask you rate the applications.

9) Brighter Flashlight

Brightness now receives four levels. You can open it by long pressing the flashlight icon from the control center. Change it according to the requirement, which is quite useful in situations that demand more light.

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