7 Ways to Become a Good Essay Writer

An essay is about the presentation of not only your ideas but also the ideas you have acquired through research and have proof that those ideas are true and that you have understood that topic. The basic understanding of an essay is that it is an easy thing to write until when you are presented with one and you have no idea where to start. However, there is a myriad of essays that you may be tasked to handle that may turn out just fine. An essay has three main parts; the introduction where you write the thesis statement and introduce your main points, the body where you discuss critically your main points and the conclusion where you summarise the discussion and the thesis statement. There are several ways you can follow to enable you to write your essay in the best way.

  1. See What Other People are Writing About

It is an important thing to get exposed to things as they are happening. You should take your time to read what other people have written and achieved in order to know where to start. It becomes the biggest problem to find yourself in a situation where you are to write an article but you really do not know where to start. Other people’s articles will give you an idea on the approach taken to write the introduction and how to lay out your ideas in a proper manner. A lot of readings will also enable you to understand the areas you are good at and those you are weak at and improve them. That will also involve a lot of practice to achieve.

  1. Choose the Topic

At many times where you are given an article to write with a specific title, you do not have the luxury of selecting the title you are going to come up with. However even when you are given a specific title to write about, exposure will have given you a rough idea of where to start and the different angles you can tackle a topic. In the instance you are supposed to decide the topic you will do, it becomes way better because you can pick a topic you feel comfortable with and on that you love. This allows you to present a good flow of thoughts simultaneously in a smooth manner.

  1. Make an Outline of What you are Going to Write About

A good plan makes the heck of writing an essay become easier and less time-consuming. If you decide to go ahead and do an essay without a real plan, you will find yourself at a place you get stranded and you do not really know the direction you are going to take next. A good plan helps you to have a good idea of how you are going to write and also gives you a wonderful flow of ideas. With an outline in place, the ideas come at ease and you are able to outlay them on paper more elaborately and in a simple manner. This is the best tip on how to ease your work in essay writing. Just have a plan.

  1. Have a Basic Understanding of Grammar, Style, and Punctuation

Obviously, essays check a lot on the type of grammar you have used. Therefore, it would be better for you to sharpen your tools on grammar skills and construction of sentences. It is not everyone that has good language skills. Even experiences native English speakers find themselves having written a lot of grammatical mistakes. It is, however, good to familiarise yourself with proper language skills to enable you to write is the recommended way. Many essays also follow certain guidelines and styles. Instructions may want you to use certain styles and you need to have an idea on the format of those styles.

  1. Use the right vocabulary

Vocabularies make the essay sound interesting and show that you are exposed. You can play around with synonyms and other uncommon words that are rarely used but have you have to know what they mean not leaving the fact that they need in the context you are using them. Some of the best writes have taken years of learning to have a grasp to have a lot of vocabulary so do not be intimidated by writers who seem to have a superior knowledge of vocabulary.

  1. Critically Analyse the Evidence

This is the main reason why you are writing the essay in the place. You should understand the argument of the essay that you have been presented with. If you have the opportunity especially if it is not a sit-in essay, you can do a thorough research and have all the facts at hand to be able to form a case. The evidence should assist you to criticize the article knowing very well what is required of you. This is the point where you either take a stand or you present both negative and positive sides of the topic then take a stand.

  1. Write a Good Conclusion and Proofread Your Work

A conclusion should be able to summarise the whole topic as you have addressed within the essay. The conclusion should be the place where you prove your thesis statement and your evidence. Once you are through with the essay, you might have a lot of mistakes that might have come up by mistake and they need to be rectified. Proofreading also helps you to have a feeling of what you have written and in case you do not feel that appoint in the essay did not turn out the way you wanted, this is the point where you change it.

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