What to Do When Your Data Has Been Hacked

In this information era, data breaching has become a very serious issue. In online transactions, there is always a fear of data hacking associated with it. Apart from that, all your private information are not safe on the Internet. Someone has an eye on your all sensitive data and you put you in great danger by allowing yourself to be hacked. In past years, dozens of giant companies have suffered data breaches. Data hacking has done a great loss to not only big companies but to several innocent consumers also. No one knows when his/her data will be hacked.

If you are one of those whose sensitive information has been leaked through account hacking, then there are certain things you can do to minimize your chances of becoming an identity-theft victim.

Determine what is stolen

If your account has been hacked, then note down each and every piece of information you have lost. It may be your very sensitive data or some general data. Sit and think about all your information linked with your account and then note it.

Change all affected passwords

If your online account has been hacked, then immediately change the password. Set a strong and complex password this time so that it gets difficult to be guessed.

Use two-factor authentication if possible to make your account more secure. With this, a hacker who attempts to log in to your account will not be able to hack it unless and until he does not get a numeric code. This numeric code along with a login notification will come to your registered mobile number. If you are not logging in at that time then you can easily get to know that someone is attempting to log in to your account.

If you have a  problem creating and remembering different passwords, then use a password manager tool to store all your passwords securely.

Contact relevant financial organizations

If your credit or debit card has been stolen, then immediately contact your respective bank to inform them that your card has been stolen and you want to block your card as soon as possible. Ask them to alert you if the bank finds any suspicious activity from your card.

Set up text or email alert

After your data has been hacked, set up a text or email alert for your card by asking your bank and informing about your data breach. By setting this, you will get notified every time through a text message or an email about any charge made through your card. You will know instantly whether that charge is genuine or a Fraud.

Contact credit reporting bureaus

Contact and ask credit reporting bureaus to issue a fraud alert on your name. By placing the fraud alert, you will be notified if someone tries to steal your financial Identity.

Request a security freeze

Request a temporary security freeze on your account to prevent others from accessing any credit report in retaliation of a new credit application. This service is provided by Experian, TransUnion, and Equifax for free. It will help in verifying that the request for your credit card has actually come from you or someone is using your identity. You can monitor your account online over your Phone.

File a report

If identity fraud has occurred, then file a report in your local police station as soon as possible to establish a legal basis upon which can fight or resolve any future identity fraud.

Monitor your financial accounts

Check all your financial accounts, credit cards, and debit cards. Crosscheck all your transactions even the smallest one. Sometimes, hackers test your credit or debit card by doing a small transaction of one or two dollars, so keep a close eye on all your financial stuff.

Find out whether the company can help

Data hacking is a serious issue for the companies and the consumers who have been the victims. It’s good to find out if the respective company is willing to help you out in this situation or not.

If they are ready to help, then they will provide you with free credit monitoring services to avoid any other identity fraud or data breaching.

Consider burner cards

You can use a burner card instead of an actual debit card which will be linked to your actual bank account. It is a great way to protect yourself and your data and money if your card gets lost or stolen. You can set the limit on transactions as per your use. You can also use it for a one-time major purchase. If your burner card gets stolen, then you can just simply delete it and save yourself from account hacking.

Prefer mobile payment wallet

To avoid any future data breach, use payment wallets instead of swiping your credit or debit cards. Transactions from payment wallet are done through a unique one-time password (OTP) which you receive from your bank account through which you have linked your phone number on your mobile screen. By entering this OTP only, your transaction will be completed. It is totally secure, and it does not need your card pin to make payments.


Data hacking sucks and causes a great damage to our resources. You don’t know when you will be the next victim of data breach. Follow the above-mentioned steps if your data has been hacked. Be proactive to avoid any data breach. Take effective measures to make your account more secure.

Identity theft is a serious issue, and we will have to take effective steps to stop it and minimize our chances of becoming identity theft or data breaching victim. You can check out some effective and useful ways available on the net to stop this serious problem and be safe. Check out this website, Crediful to know some effective and useful methods of stopping identity theft. Be a little more active and aware to avoid any problems that come from data hacking.

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