Measures of a Successful Marketing Campaign

When you put in place a marketing campaign, you need to measure its success or failure. This way, you can determine whether you should continue down the same path or change course entirely. The internet has changed marketing in many ways, as well as the ways that you can measure it. So, let’s look in further detail at some of the metrics that you can use to determine the effectiveness of your marketing campaign.

Unique Visitors

The number of unique visitors that you are receiving will give you a better idea of the traffic on your site. Essentially, this means that each visitor is counted only once, so it will not be skewed by people who are clicking on and off your site. There are a number of different factors that will impact this particular figure, including your company’s size and the amount of content that you are producing that encourages people to come back again.

Page Views

This measure gives you a more detailed breakdown of the number of clicks that you have onto each page of your site. It can be particularly useful when looking at blog content as you can tell what people are finding interesting and which content people are not really responding to in the right way. This way, you can adapt what you are producing accordingly.

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Search Engine Traffic

This refers to the number of visitors that you are getting to your website through search engines and can prove to be a good indication of how successful your search engine optimization strategy is. You can also see which pages on your site that people are coming in at, as well as which ones need more work.

Bounce Rate

The bounce rate is another useful metric that is worth taking into account. Essentially, this refers to the number of visitors that you have on your site who leave straight away without clicking on any other pages. If you manage to get this figure at less than 40 percent, it is generally considered that you are doing a good job. If it is higher than this, you need to think about the ways that you can take action.

Conversion Rate

This figure refers to the number of people you are managing to convince to take a particular action. This could be to sign up for your newsletter, or it could be to make a purchase through your website. This figure tends to only be a small percentage figure, so improving it by one or two points can make a big difference. is just one of the platforms that can help you out significantly in this regard.

Likes, Shares, Follows

Of course, there are also all the social media metrics out there that are easy to measure. The more of these you obtain, the bigger the audience that you will be reaching.

By using a combination of measurement techniques, you can help to ensure that you come up with improved marketing campaigns.

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