How to Improve Customer Relations Using Call Tracking

Regardless whether you’re doing it on your own or with the help of other people that you’ve hired to do it for you, customer relations can either make or break your business. But gathering information from your customers isn’t usually as simple as making them fill in online forms since some of them might find it rather impersonal. Besides, finding out about someone is always better when you orally communicate with them through a simple phone call no matter where they are. However, you wouldn’t want to take calls from your customers and not get to know them better. Thus, you should consider call tracking for your business, and here are some ways to improve customer relations using it:

Record every incoming phone call your business is receiving from both potential and long-time customers

You may make sure every phone call gets answered either by you or any of your live agents. However, you may not have taken any notes about each customer which can cause problems between you and them if they call again about the same problem.

Unfortunately, jotting down notes about each of your customers can be physically and mentally demanding in the long run. Thus, you should have not only call tracking installed on your phone but call recording as well to listen back to entire conversations between you and your customers. This will help easily identify which among those calls had ended satisfactorily or not.

It’s important to remember when you want to call record, to ask your customer whether they’re happy to be recorded during the call. This will help reduce the risk of any issues down the track.

Gather and store your customers’ personal information

If it’s your first time to deal with both potential and long-time customers over the phone, you might carry the notion that tracking their name, phone or mobile number would suffice.

However, call tracking can be much more than that as you can also opt to collect and save your customers’ personal information. This includes, but isn’t limited to, their birthday, interests, and social media accounts.

After all, you’d want to understand your customers better as individuals and not only as mere sales statistics. Gaining the most relevant personal information via call tracking is also a convenient way of learning who is calling you for better target marketing.

Use the personal information from your customers to tailor-fit your business’s products and services as suited to their needs

You can use most – if not all – the personal information you’ve collected using call tracking from both your business’s potential and long-time customers. This gives you the opportunity to adjust your products and services so that they’ll become more suitable to the needs of your target market. After all, enhancing your business’s products and services should always be your main focus.

Provide a speedy response to any customer complaint

As with life, you can’t please everyone as some of them may have complaints about your products and services ranging from simple ones that can get easily resolved, to complex ones that may take some time before coming up with a solution to them.

No matter how easy or difficult any complaints from your business’s customers may be, you should always ensure that you have easily retrievable records of each of them by using call tracking.

Call tracking would also help you easily determine which of your business’s products and services are receiving the most number of customer complaints as well as how you can improve on them.

Always keep everything you’re saying to your customers as positive as possible

As already mentioned in the first item, call tracking allows you to listen to recorded conversations between you and each of your business’s potential and long-time customers. There might be times though when you’re tempted to snap and yell over the phone if you find any of your business’s customers stubborn or simply unwilling to listen to you.

You wouldn’t want your business’s customer relations to suffer all because you’ve raised your voice over the phone. As incoming calls are recorded using call recording, it wouldn’t look good on your end if your boss or supervisor listens in on your behavior.

No matter how mad you feel, you should keep calm and speak in a positive manner over the phone at all times. Avoid using swear words as well.

Don’t hang up on your customer until you’re sure they’re satisfied with you

In the world of customer relations, a call isn’t over until the customer is 100% satisfied. You should refrain from abruptly ending any call between you and any of your business’s customers unless they’re fully satisfied with the service.

Even if you strongly feel that your customer doesn’t have any more questions about your business or any of the products and services that you’re offering, you shouldn’t hang up right away.

Instead, you should ask them if there’s anything else that you can do for them since they might have some last-minute questions to ask you. You can officially end the entire call only after your customer has confirmed that they don’t have any further questions to ask you.


According to a report prepared by Echo Research on behalf of American Express last 2012, 66 percent of customers are more than willing to spend more on a business that provides excellent customer relations aside from selling high-quality products and services. Thus, you’ll want to ensure that you’re taking good care of your business’s customers by giving the best customer relations possible, most of which involves talking over the phone because of its more personal touch and getting to know them better by tracking every incoming call. You can accomplish that more easily by simply following the above-listed ways on how to improve customer relations using call tracking – preferably one that’s installed by a trusted provider like Fone Dynamics.

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