A Comprehensive Guide To Street Furniture

For businesses of all kinds, the benefits street furniture can entail are endless. From nationwide businesses with spacious grounds and largescale operations to smaller family run businesses, the principle of street furniture additions remains the same, enhancing safety measures and making the best use of a space. With so much to think about, we delve into the main considerations to make when you are looking to enhance a space using verge marker posts, outdoor seating, promotional tools and more.

Safety is paramount

For businesses across all industries, the number one priority is the safety and wellbeing of customers, staff members and visitors to the site. By assessing the property to establish what additional measures are needed to prevent any accidents from occurring, risk is kept to a minimum and peace of mind is provided for all parties. In areas where both pedestrians and motorists are able to access, installing traffic bollards or road signs will ensure it is clear where they are allowed and any procedures can be made apparent. For sites where health and safety is high or public access is prohibited, a security turnstile is an effective way to control access and ensure the site is kept safe at all times.

guide to street furniture

Consider the needs of visitors

For both the sake of employees and the consideration of any customers to the site, providing a comfortable space for rest can go a long way. Outdoor seating, smoking shelters and litter bins mean people can not only relax outside, but the property grounds are kept tidy and contained. The simple addition of an outdoor space for staff can mean they have somewhere to socialise and unwind during their breaks, increasing motivation and separating leisure from work. For visitors to the business, an inviting outdoor space can put them at ease and make them feel more welcome.

Add a professional touch

A well laid out property with professional branding can give a much more trustworthy and reputable feel for outsiders. Whether the building is open to customers, has corporate visitors or is a space for employees only, ensuring that the outside of the building is well presented at all times will mean that people’s initial impressions of the company are positive. Signage with the company name, logo and brand colours is a great way to increase brand recognition and familiarise people with your aesthetic; a great promotional tool for anyone walking or driving past. As well as branding, all factors on the grounds of the property contribute to first impressions so make sure any greenery, shelters or bollards are in line with the feel of the space as a whole.

Prevent the risk of theft

Sadly business owners and customers alike have to worry about the safety of their belongings. When visiting a public space or business, bike owners tend to look for somewhere to lock up their bicycle to prevent theft from occurring whilst they are out of view. The addition of bike racks or a shelter will mean employees and visitors can easily secure their pride and joy whilst visiting for peace of mind throughout the day. As well as increasing safety measures, it will help contain all bicycles on site to keep it looking neat and tidy.

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