How to start a YouTube channel: 8 brilliant tips

YouTube is a major platform for creators from various video verticals. They are great with their humor and inventiveness, allowing them to gain vital space, both in the hearts of the people and on the screens.

YouTube has progressively grown into a lucrative, interesting, and creative platform to create a successful career. But to start right, you must combine persistence, patience, excitement, and steady creation of content to get a taste of the virality recipe. Here are 8 brilliant tips to help you get started with your YouTube channel.

how to start a YouTube channel

8 Effective Tips for Building your YouTube Channel

  1. Never Compromise on the Audio or Video Quality

Let your thoughts become as clear as crystal, so the audio/video quality is not compromised. A decent camera is a first step for someone committed to taking on YouTube and for anybody who is simply trying their hand at the platform.

You may either lease a good DSLR or utilize a decent cellphone camera on a tripod. After shooting the footage, you need a competent youtube video editor like InVideo to help you edit the raw footage into a visually appealing video that instantly grabs the attention of your viewers.

  1. Establish the Goals of your Channel

It is essential to determine whether you want your business to even have a YouTube channel. It’s a lot of effort, but the advantage to your company could be tremendous.

The emphasis should be determined by studying other YouTube channels as well as your inherent knowledge of your company. Do not, therefore, replicate the actions of other channels. Consider your clients’ frequent queries.

You presumably want these answers on Google too (which loves to show videos from YouTube in its search results). To improve the objective of your channel, you can rely on these resources.

  1. Work on the Video Concepts

Let’s begin by drafting 50 to 100 video ideas. Consider the titles of these videos in detail. Type that into the search bar of YouTube to see what is happening. See how your rivals perform.

View what enthusiasts do. Identify where it is and develop a strategy to produce better content. Content is King. Nothing else matters more than creating impactful videos. Starting your YouTube channel is like starting a new company and you must treat it as such.

  1. Establish your Publishing Frequency from the Beginning

Be genuine, be honest and consider your efforts for the long term. You might have the strength to make a video a day, but what about the long term? How much time do you want to spend on your channel?

It may seem dumb, but subsequent changes in your frequency can truly drive your spectators off – so much so they can unsubscribe. Even a single day, week, or month of missed video posts may cause unhappiness for your subscribers. The more this occurs, the greater dissatisfaction.

  1. Design Enticing Thumbnails

Your videos’ thumbnails and title are basically everything you need to promote your video (until you start to build an audience). YouTube utilizes the description and tags of your video for its search index, of course.

However, your title and thumbnails are all separated from you on the result page where you compete with all the other movies accessible for viewers. Make sure that your image is distinguished.

  1. Study the YouTube Algorithm

Odds are that you’ll suck the first video. But hey, you created a video at least! You made the initial step, and in six months you will have looked back at it and said, “Wow, that was awful.”

And I hope you can point to a far better current video. But don’t forget how YouTube works as your abilities improve. There are so many methods of improving your videos, identifying competing students, and measuring your success.

  1. Include a subscribe CTA at the End of your Videos

Tell your visitors to subscribe to your channel at the conclusion of your videos. One popular method is to create a “subscribe frame” for each of your films, where visitors are asked to sign up for your channels and watch some more videos.

Tell your fans to sign up for your channel’s page on Facebook. Do the same for Instagram and Twitter. Do so on your website as well. Don’t be pushy. You provide fantastic stuff, okay? Tell your audience how to get more.

  1. SEO Optimize your Video Descriptions & Titles

Your video titles use the same SEO strategies as your Web pages. Enter a term but verify that the title is humanely attractive.

Also, the YouTube search results are typically shown in the first two lines of your video description. Let them count those two lines.


YouTube is a gift for everyone who dreams to become famous with great zeal and hidden talent. Don’t hesitate, just think about it, create and shoot if you believe it’s in you!

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