How to Improve Your Website Ranking with Blogger Outreach

In the 21st century, doing marketing through billboards, TV ads or posters is no longer enough. Today, you have to market your offerings through a website because this is a medium which is accessible and convenient to all target audiences. You can easily tell your customers that your business exists and your offerings can provide value for their money through your website. However, it’s not enough that you only have a website just for the sake of having one. Most often than not, all of your competitors already have a website so you should seek ways on how your website can be ranked higher than theirs. This is important because if your website is only displayed on the 10th page of the SEO results, you’ll have lesser chances of earning new customers. If you want to improve your website ranking, consider using blogger outreach.

In blogger outreach, a business will tap an influential blogger for their help. The business, who is seeking for exposure, will ask influential bloggers to write about them in exchange for free products or services, and even for a fee. Blogger outreach can be very beneficial for your website ranking because:

  1. It helps build the brand: With the number of business operating today, creating a brand can become a challenge. If you’re a new business owner, you might be drowned in a sea full of experienced and well-known businesses. Sure, you can always work so you can eventually create a brand, but this process will take years and doesn’t guarantee any positive results. Let blogger outreach help you build a brand. When an influential blogger showcases your business in their blog, you’ll be getting hundreds of eyeballs who’ll be looking at your brand. When many people are talking about your business through social media shares, you’ll get more exposure. These are essential elements which make up your business’ SEO.
  2. It helps in gaining quality links: Google’s algorithm loves high-quality and relevant links. When Google detects that other resources are using your business’ website link, your website becomes “trustworthy” and will be ranked higher in the SEO results. This is one of the most obvious benefits you can get from blogger outreach. When more and more bloggers use a link back to your website, your website ranking can improve. The more bloggers you work with, the better.
  3. It impacts influencer advocacy: You’re a business owner, but for sure, there are also a few people you follow online. May it be a politician, celebrity or business tycoon, these people can become an excellent source of information. When these people post about a new trend in customer service, for example, you’ll be curious, and you’d start to search for the topic online. You’ll be eager to know what the buzz is all about and assess if the same concept can also be applied in your own business. The same thing happens when you tap influential bloggers. Their social media followers will be curious about your business so they’d start doing their own research about it. These followers can end up visiting your site!
  4. It provides fresh and valuable content: All of your marketing efforts will be useless if you’re not producing content consistently. Fresh and valuable content is the backbone of SEO. But when you’re a business owner who has a lot on their plate, writing content regularly can become a problem. Fortunately, this is something which a blogger can do effortlessly. With blogger outreach, you work with a blogger who knows how to write high-quality content. Once these are published, all you have to do is look for channels which can maximize the content’s SEO value.
  5. It can help your business gain more followers: The number of social media followers is vital to any business. When your social media profile has a thousand or a million followers, it’ll be easy for your business to market new offerings. Working with an influential blogger can help your business gain more followers easier and faster. These bloggers have been in the industry for years, and they already cultivated the trust of their followers. When these followers see how a blogger vouched for your business, they’ll also follow you online.

Relationships Matter

The business industry is fast-paced. The customers you have right now can be gone in a matter of weeks. The position your business has in the market today can change once a new player comes along. If you want to stay on top of the game, always strive to create relationships with the people you work with. Don’t settle once a customer buys a product for you; continually entice them so they can become your loyal customers in the long run. And with blogger outreach, don’t cut ties the moment a blogger publishes his content about your business. Nurture the relationship you have with them because their skills can contribute a lot to your business in the future.

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