Getting Rid Of An Unwanted But Valuable Dining Table: Our Tips To Getting The Price You Deserve

Falling out of love with large pieces of furniture that reside in your home can become draining. Furniture pieces that were once bought to follow trends and match the house decor are now out of date and an eye-sore. Dining tables absolutely fit in this category and before making such a purchase, buyers should always consider the length of usability that they will sustain from their dining room table. However, if this doesn’t come to mind and you end up purchasing an expensive dining table that you eventually get sick of, what can you do to get it out of your house but also get the best price possible? Read here to find out.

Dining Table


A simple yet effective method that you could choose to go through is placing your furniture in storage space. Using a storage space can be extremely beneficial as you can place your unwanted dining table in this space, declutter your house at the same time and give you time to find a suitable buyer. Storage companies such as Safestore, also offer discounts if you have a set plan on what you want to do with your unwanted furniture, whether you want to keep a hold of the dining table and see if it rises in value and then sell, or if you wish to just get it out of your house with a potential buyer already in sight, then using a self-storage unit with a discounted price could definitely be a feasible option. This is a great way to get the most out of your dining table as trends tend to fluctuate, if you can gamble and hold off selling your product for a month or 2, then there is the opportunity to sell for a much larger profit.


Bringing your unwanted dining table to auction houses is a fantastic way to gather mass interest in the one space. Furthermore, the selling process is not only quick but most of the time, hassle-free and with a quick turn-around. An auction house gives you, as a seller, the chance to feature on mailing lists, you will have on and offline exposure and you also miss out on all of the leg work that is normally associated with selling your belongings.

An auction house further takes out the haggling aspect that a lot of sellers will be used to as the house can also place a set price that you are happy with selling for, meaning it can only go for that price or higher. Auction houses are crucial for singling out a target audience of buyers as people that go there are going for simply that. To buy.

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Even if you think that your dining table isn’t worth anything and you don’t like the look of it, doesn’t mean that someone else across the world will feel the same. The beauty of online advertising on platforms such as eBay, Facebook marketplace, and Gumtree, is that you are attracting an extremely large audience for little to no fee. To ensure that you make as much money as possible you should always include plenty of photos of the dining table, make sure that you are completely honest, and describe any damage or wear and tear that has occurred.

Buyers respond to honesty and are more inclined to purchase an item where they know the full details. If you aren’t honest with the buyers and they purchase the dining table to then discover that there are damages that weren’t listed, this could not only cost you a lot of money reimbursing them but can also tarnish your reputation.

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